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The low season in Argentina begins in April (not including Holy Week) until the end of June. These months are more convenient to visit the central and northern part of the country. The south of Argentina, including the Argentine Patagonia, can also be visited during these months, but the weather is already getting colder.
The high season in Argentina runs from November to March, including winter vacations that are in the second half of July. The summer months of the southern hemisphere represent the best time to visit Patagonia.
The weather in Argentina is very varied. Being a very large country, the climate depends on the region. To the northeast of the country (where the Iguazu Falls are located) is where the temperature ranges from temperate to tropical. The center of the country has a milder climate, whose winters that go from June to September have their coldest months in July and August. In the Andean zone, temperatures drop as you approach and climb the mountain range. Finally, in the southern part of the country, the weather becomes much colder. Therefore, depending on the destinations to visit and the time of the year, it is best to bring varied clothes, since you can go through well differentiated climates.
Unlike other countries in South America, the typical dishes of Argentina have a great European influence, mainly of the Spanish and Italian gastronomy, but you can also find the traditional food of the Andean culture in the northwest of the country. The main dishes that can be tasted in the vast majority of Argentine restaurants are, among others, the following: 1) "Bife de Chorizo" (very fleshy beef cut grilled or grilled). 2) "Empandas de Carne" (and other varieties). 3) Pizza (Argentine pizza is considered one of the best in the world). 4) "Milanesa" (beef fillet battered with bread). 5) Locro (typical northwest dish based on white corn)

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