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Chile can be enjoyed all year long, with various attractions depending on the month in which it is visited. We recommend to visit the Patagonia region during the summer, between December and March.
The low season in Chile is presented in the months of April, May, June, September, October and November. The recommended areas to travel in these months are Santiago de Chile and the center of the country, and the north (Atacama).
The high season in Chile is during the summer (between December and March) and in winter (July and August). During the summer, you can tour the entire country, especially Patagonia, in which several trails and activities are only enabled during these months. In winter, ski centers are the main attraction.
Because of its length, in Chile all climatic types are presented, except tropical. The north is a dry, desert and hot area in summer. The Central Zone (from La Serena to Concepcion) has a Mediterranean climate with 4 seasons. Rains last from May to August and temperatures reach 28 ° C in January. The south has a rainier and colder oceanic climate in winter. Summer temperatures can reach a maximum of 10 ° C.
The currency is the Chilean Peso ($). Credit cards are generally accepted in all shops, hotels and restaurants.
Gastronomy in Chile arises from the contributions of European immigrants, especially Spanish and French cuisine, fused with the cuisine of the different native peoples who lived and live throughout the country. Seafood dishes stand out.

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