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Small village from the beginning of the XVII century, of prehispanic origin, located at 2192 meters above sea level and 3 kilometers away to the East of National Route Nº 9 which links it to the Capital City of Jujuy after riding 65 kilometers. Purmamarca - meaning "Town of the Virgin Land" in Aimara language- is settled at the foot of the polychromatic " Cerro de los Siete Colores" ( Seven Colors Hill ) which provides the village with the ideal touristic contrast since it delights the senses of all the tourists that visit it. The climate in the region is mild with an annual average temperature of 20ºC with maximum temperatures of 25ºC and minimum temperatures of 2ºC. The village, with adobe buildings of cardon roofs and mud tiles, was designed around the Main Church from 1648 consecrated as St. Rosa de Lima which has currently been proffessed as National Monument since it has a particular architecture as well as valuable paintings and images from Cuzco inside. In the Square , there is a crafts fair where you can get regional products such as pottery, carpets made with looms, ponchos, musical instruments and typical clothes from the Quebrada ( Narrow path). In the surroundings of Purmamarca, you can enjoy the landscapes by means of going hiking, horse riding or on excursions of contemplative tourism along the bed of the homonimous river or in the Colorados Tour which has wonderful views with rock formations that have been naturally carved. Community celebrations such as the "misa-chico", the dead worship , the Pachamama worship or the autochthonous music played with quenas ( Indian flutes), cajas, erques and sikus will delight you and show you the strong roots of the regional culture . There is an interesting infrastructure regarding lodging and gastronomy that complete Purmamarca touristic offer.

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