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Salvador de Bahia, capital of Bahia was founded in 1549. It is situated on a hill overlooking the Todos os Santos Bay. Salvador was the first capital of Brazil. It was well known because of its port activites and because of its sugar exportation. These two activities made a contribution to make the mixed population of Portuguese and African slaves which were imported in large scales for the sugar cane cultivation. Then, at the end of XIX century, other ethnic contingents arrived and gave rise to a very rich popular culture that mixed aspects of western, eastern and African cultures. In 1763 the capital moved to Río de Janeiro because of the Portuguese Crown interests.

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We recommend at least three days, depending on how many hotspots you want to visit. If you want to learn about Salvador de Bahia`s history and also relax in its beaches, you should consider staying a little bit longer, maybe around 1 week.
Salvador de Bahia is known by its beautiful beaches and colorful buildings. A city full of culture and worth visiting it. However, as every big city in Brazil, Salvador is not included in the top safest places to visit. Anyway, If you follow travel recommendations, you can travel and move around without any problem. Smaller cities around Salvador, are much safer.

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