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The Diaguita Indians called it “the town of the magnificent entrance;” and they were right: Tafí del Valle is one of the most heavenly destinations in Tucumán. Once people get to this summertime villa, the valleys welcome their visitors with their green and brown colors that contrast with the blue sky, with a dike over which the sun reflects and with unpaved roads that are a testimony of years of history. Only 107 km away from the capital, Tafí is located at 2000 meters above the sea level. It has a very pleasant climate, which allows tourism all year long. Despite the fact that the place has developed a lot during the last years and that it has become the ultimate destination for Argentineans and foreigners along the year, Tafí still preserves the mystery of its aboriginal culture among its hills. In Tafí del Valle, the tourist will find lots of options when arranging his visit: waking or horse riding along its hills, kayaking or canoeing in the La Angostura dike, mountain biking across its unpaved paths, seeing its handcraft products, tasting its typical foods or just walking its streets drenched with history and tradition.

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