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Mendoza was founded in 1561. It is a regional metropolis of the Cuyo area and hold a wide commercial, cultural and industrial development. Besides it is a tourist center, next to Andean Range and the Aconcagua Mountain, the highest in Latin America continent.
It is a cosmopolitan center, because it is a must for the flights from “Buenos Aires” to “Santiago de Chile”.
Mendoza is a wine area par excellence, it has a wide variety of wineries special to the production of fine wines which are exported to foreign countries. Some wineries can be visited by the tourists and they can make tasting. This is the most popular of all the things to do in Mendoza.
Its closeness with the Andes Mountain Range makes Mendoza the best destination for adventure activities, offering several tours in Mendoza such as: trekking, rafting, mountaineering and spectacular landscapes to make safaris photographic.
An other options for the visitor are the hot spring in any month of the year and ski in winter.
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