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Traveling by bus in Argentina is another recommended option for tourists, there are several companies that offer excellent service and all destinations in the country. The buses becomes cheaper, safer and the routes in Argentina are 100% recommended. The terminals are located in central points and excellent access for passengers.

Retiro Station in Buenos Aires

It is the long-distance bus terminal of the City of Buenos Aires and became the most important in Argentina with 75 platforms, where transport companies carry out daily arrivals and departures of their services around the country and to bordering destinations. The Retiro station is organized in three levels, in the second are the exit and arrival platforms of buses and shops. In the third level are the ticket offices of transport companies. The terminal is open 24 hours and has several gastronomic services, luggage, parking, reporting and security sector.

The Retiro bus platform is located in the heart of the city, on Avenue Antártida Argentina and Calle 10. Arriving is simple, it has several accesses and you can arrive via subways, taxis, trains and different bus lines.

Transportation companies

Omnibus de Andesmar
Omnibus de Via Bariloche
Omnibus de Chevallier
Omnibus de Via Tac
Omnibus de Plusmar
Omnibus de El Rapido

In a day around 40,000 people use the different bus companies that are offered in the Retiro terminal. The lines that offer their services around the country are varied and the most chosen destinations are usually: Cordoba, El Calafate, Mar del Plata, Mendoza, Puerto Iguazú, Puerto Madryn, Salta, Santa Fe, Bariloche, San Luis, San Juan, San Martin de los Andes and Ushuaia.

We recommend the different companies according to the region:
- Northwest: Andesmar - Nuevo Expreso.
- Northeast: Vía Bariloche - El Rápido.
- Pampeana: Chevallier - El Rápido - El Rosarino - Plusmar - Sierras de Córdoba - La Estrella.
- Cuyo: Vía Tac- Nuevo Expreso - El Mendocino - Cata.
- Patagonia: Andesmar - Flecha Bus - Vía Bariloche - Cata.
- International (Brasil - Paraguay - Perú - Bolivia): El Rápido Internacional - Chevallier Paraguaya - Cata.

Seat categories

There are different categories of buses according to the services they provide and costs:
- Semicama: It offers basic services, heating, refrigeration, bathrooms and self-service drinks. The seats you can find are individual and reclining.
- Cama: It has the amenities of semicama service, the difference is that it has three rows of seats, individual and reclining. They are usually wide seats that allow greater comfort. You can count on an auxiliary service or waitress, among other things like headphones, bluetooth or wifi.
- Ejecutivo o Cama Suite: It offers the same services as the bed but the seats recline so that the passenger is completely horizontal and have some sort of separation (curtains) between the seats.

How to buy your bus ticket?

Tangol offers all the companies recommended to choose your next destination. We recommend you to have your passport when you buy online or at our points of sale. When having travel tickets check name and surname, nationality, type of document, date and destination. At the time of travel you must have the ticket and your original document or passport. The allowed luggage is a handbag and a package that does not exceed 15 kilos.