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Uruguay can be enjoyed all year long, with various attractions depending on the month in which it is visited. The most recommended season for a greater amount of activities to do is summer, between December and March.
The low season in Uruguay begins in April (not including Easter) until the end of June and August and September. During these months, we recommend visiting Montevideo and the Natural Baths.
The high season in Uruguay is during the last months of spring and summer (between November and March) Uruguay has more than 1,000 kilometers of coastline and beaches on the Uruguay River, the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean, so it is recommended to visit the country`s many beaches.
In Uruguay the climate is mild and has 4 seasons. In spring the weather is wet and cool. In summer it is hot. In autumn it is mild and in winter the weather is cold and humid. It receives a great influence of the Atlantic Ocean so rain is frequent.
The currency is the Uruguayan Peso ($). Credit cards are generally accepted in all shops, hotels and restaurants.
The gastronomy in Uruguay arises from the result of the fusion of Italian and Spanish cuisines. The dishes that stand out are the asado (BBQ) and the chivito (beef sandwich). There is currently a large Uruguayan wine production. Visiting different wineries is a great opportunity to get to know an important sector of local gastronomy and culture.

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