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The best time to go to Bolivia is during the dry season, which runs from April to November. It is important to keep this in mind since outside these months, many roads are impassable and dangerous.
Depending on the destination, temperatures can vary widely in the same season. In the Altiplano comprised by La Paz, Oruro, Potosi and Uyuni the climate is cold, this area has a great thermal amplitude between night and day. In the Plains comprised by Cochabamba, Sucre and Tarija the weather is warm and in the tropics comprised by Santa Cruz, Beni and Pando the weather is hot.
The low season goes from November to April. The rainy season makes several areas and roads inaccessible, so you won`t be able to enjoy all the attractions. It is not recommended to do sports such as climbing or hiking.
The best time to go to Bolivia is the dry season, which runs from may to October, therefore, it is the high season of the country, when more visitors receives. In this period it is ideal to visit all the destinations in the country and enjoy climbing, mountain biking or hiking.
The official currency is the Boliviano It is important to keep in mind that most hotels, shops and restaurants DO NOT accept other currencies or credit cards, especially outside the city of La Paz.
During your stay in Bolivia you will definitely spend several days at high altitude (above 2,500 meters). From this height, some people begin to suffer certain symptoms such as headaches, feeling fatigue and sleepiness, breathing problems, dizziness and balance troubles, lack of appetite and stomach disorders, nauseas, irritability. Acclimatization is essential before making physical efforts, particularly in the first 24 hours, try to keep your energy, walk slowly and breath well. We recommend not to go up of more than 700 meters from a night to another when above 3500 meters. The stay in altitude, and particularly practicing sports in altitude is highly contraindicated for the person suffering from blood circulation deficiency, chronically respiratory deficiency, epilepsy, cardiac diseases non stabilized, some blood diseases.

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