Awasi Atacama Experience

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Highlights of Awasi Atacama Experience

Hidden behind an ancient adobe wall, Awasi Atacama is the perfect oasis in the middle of the driest desert in the world.

Awasi Atacama blends in with the environment, located a few steps from the main square of San Pedro de Atacama, it was built behind a centuries-old adobe wall, so it is easy to walk outside without noticing the existence of this comfortable lodge.

Its architecture was inspired by the pre-Inca ruins of the Tulor town, in this way was possible to build 12 cotagges or "little houses" of adobe, stone and wood with ancient techniques that reflect the local culture and nature, its proximity to the plaza will allow you to feel the authentic “village life”, while enjoying total privacy within the Lodge.

Awasi Atacama means home, the dedication of every detail and the meticulousness will make your experience unforgettable, we invite you to experience the culture, history and landscapes of the Atacama Desert in a tailor-made program that includes accommodation, full board and exclusive and private activities.

The list of activities in Awasi is endless, they are divided by zones so that you can choose from pleasant walks to the most demanding walks through the Kapur and Talar Salaries, horseback riding and cycling through millenary crops, bird watching in the Los Flamencos National Reserve, Gastronomic tours, archaeological visits and the Tatio Geysers, exploration of hidden valleys in the middle of the desert and many more excursions that accompanied by a private guide and a 4x4 vehicle will allow you to explore the Chilean desert according to your pleasures and preferences.

¡Don`t hesitate, come with us to get lost in this oasis!
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4 Days
September - May
* Accommodation in a private cotagge.
* Private excursions in 4x4 vehicles.
* Private Guides
* Full board: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.
* Drinks: With and without alcohol, including open bar and variety of Chilean wines.
* Private transfers to and from Calama, according to check in/out times.
* Talor-made Services

* Transfers outside check in & check out times
* Transfers to Paso de Jama or Paso Sico.
* Massages & Treatments
* Excursions operated by external providers
* Premium / Imported Wines
* Additional laundry service
* International calls
* Hotel store products
* Tips
San Pedro de Atacama is located 2450 meters above sea level. To avoid any discomfort caused by the altitude, it is important that you do not overexert yourself during the first day. We suggest you stay hydrated (drink at least 3 liters of water per day) and limit the alcohol and caffeine consumption.
* Light summer clothing for the day and warmer options for the night.
* Windbreaker jacket
* Comfortable shoes for long walks
* Flip flops
* Hat or Cap
* Sunglasses
* Sunscreen
* A small backpack for excursions
* Any medication you need
* Before your arrival in Awasi, we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire about your preferences, special interests, physical condition, dietary needs and other details that will help our team organize an unforgettable trip specially designed for you.

Leades by Chef Juan Pablo Mardones, the Awasi Atacama restaurant is a member of the Relais & Chateaux chain and is exclusively for guests.

After investing a lot of time studying raw materials and local producers, Chef Mardones designed a unique gastronomic proposal with ingredients from the desert, such as different varieties of potatoes, the sweet fruit of the Chañar tree, quinoa, carob, among many others. In this way you can savor the authentic local cuisine through an unforgettable experience.

* For breakfast a continental-style buffet is offered plus a small eggs menu and other extras.

* For lunch the proposal will be a light menu of five options at each step, plus a suggestion of the day focused on local cuisine.

* At dinner the menu is designed based on the preference of each guest, focused on local products and haute cuisine techniques.

We suggest you try the Tortellini de humita with ají de gallina, the star dish of the house, and the outdoor roasts that will complete this unique gastronomic ritual.

All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are included during your stay.

Details of Travel Packages

Choose the program you prefer and live an unforgettable experience in Awasi Atacama:

* PROGRAM 1: Four days of accommodation + activities
(Includes three nights of accommodation in a private cotagge, full board and full-day or half-day excursions)

DAY 1: Arrival at the Lodge + a half-day activity of your choice (We recommend a low-difficulty activity).
DAY 2: One full-day activity or two half-day activities of your choice.
DAY 3: One full-day activity or two half-day activities of your choice.
DAY 4:Departure.

* PROGRAM 2: Five days of accommodation + activities
(Includes four nights of accommodation in a private cotagge, full board and full or half day excursions)
DAY 1: Arrival at the Lodge + a half-day activity of your choice (We recommend a low-difficulty activity).
DAY 2: One full-day activity or two half-day activities of your choice.
DAY 3: One full day activity or two half day activities of your choice.
DAY 4: One full day activity or two half day activities of your choice.
DAY 4: Departure

Programs include:

* ACCOMMODATION: Awasi Atacama has 12 cotagges divided into 2 circular Rooms and 10 Superior Circular Suites of up to 50 and 75 square meters respectively; all are covered with thatched roofs, have large spaces with alpaca armchairs and blankets, and connected bathrooms with private patios and outdoor showers.

The circular shape and the construction materials (adobe, stone and wood) keep the cabins cool on hot days and warm on cold nights.

Some suites have larger spaces suitable for adding another bed in case you travel as a family with minors; Desk and reading chaise long, armchair and walk-in closet.

Check - in is at 4:00 PM and Check - out is at 12:00 PM.

* AMENITIES: With private patios and native trees that provide natural shade, Awasi`s common areas allow you to enjoy the clearest skies in the world. You will be able to sit in the front row in the wide open spaces to enjoy the starry nights or a peaceful reading.

After a day of exploring the desert, you will be able to return to the Lodge and rest in the pool, have a drink next to the fire pit and enjoy long dinners in the exclusive restaurant.

* FULL BOARD: You will have breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and drinks with or without alcohol included. All the dishes are adapted to your gastronomic preferences, in Awasi Atacama you can choose the ingredients yourself.

Without a doubt, the dishes are made with the best products, from the freshest greens possible, fresh fish, and meats from the south of Chile of the highest quality. Good raw material is the secret of Chef Juan Pablo Mardones, leader of the Awasi kitchen.

* EXCLUSIVE ACTIVITIES: All excursions in Awasi Atacama are personalized and therefore organized according to your preferences and special interests. In company of a private guide and a 4x4 vehicle, you can explore different areas of the region at your own pace, making the stops you want on each journey.

You can choose between half-day excursions (between 2 and 5 hours) returning to the Lodge for lunch or full-day excursions (between 6 and 10 hours) with lunch included:


- Attractions of San Pedro: San Pedro de Atacama is known as the archaeological capital of Chile. The town is very old, with permanent inhabitants for at least 2,500 years. On this excursion you will be able to visit the town square and church and two of the largest archaeological sites in San Pedro: the Pukará de Quitor, a 10th century fortress built with mud and white volcanic rock; and the village of Tulor, built with adobe in curved and organic shapes, with an enigmatic history that represents the origin of the town.
Type of Activity: Hiking or Biking
Duration: Half day, 2: 30hs
Difficulty: Low

- Ayllus: It means "family" in Quechua, the language of the Incas. This is how the villages in Tawantinsuyu, Inca Kingdom, were organized for the employment of men in collective work tasks. San Pedro de Atacama today has 15 Ayllus, located around the historic center, you can visit its fields, observe the ancient layout of irrigation canals, see native and introduced flora and fauna and learn about this way of life that it has remained relatively intact for millennia.
Type of Activity: Hiking, Biking or Horseback riding
Duration: Half day, 2: 30hs
Difficulty: Low

- Valley of the Moon: The Valley of the Moon is, without a doubt, the most famous natural attraction in the Antofagasta region. It is located less than ten kilometers from San Pedro, located in the middle of the Cordillera de la Sal, you will be able to know its enormous walls of sedimentary rock and some of the most popular points of the sector such as the Duna Mayor, Las Tres Marías, El Mirador de Kari, and the Salt Canyon.
Type of Activity: Hiking or Biking.
Duration: Half day, 3: 00hs
Difficulty: Low

- Barrancas: You can explore El Valle de la Muerte, another sector of the Cordillera de la Sal, from where you get a fantastic panoramic view of the town of San Pedro, the Central Cordillera of the Andes, and the imposing Atacama basin. The route is mainly flat, on a rocky surface.
Type of Activity: Horseback riding or Hiking.
Duration: Half day, 3: 00hs
Difficulty: Low

- Devil`s Throat: The "Cordillera de la Sal" is made up of endless water paths, normally dry, but “Treacherous” in the rainy season; You will be able to explore one of those paths that stands out for the enormity of its clay and plaster walls, and that ends at a large dry waterfall: La Quebrada or Garganta del Diablo.
Type of Activity: Horseback riding, Biking or Hiking.
Duration: Half day, 3: 00hs
Difficulty: Medium

- Aldea Toconao and Soncor Sector: You will visit Los Flamencos National Reserve, the most diverse in the country in terms of biomes, which owes its name to the three endemic flamingo species in northern Chile. There is no better place to observe these majestic birds than the Burro Muerto River, in the Soncor Sector. You can also visit the traditional village of Toconao on the way, with its houses made of Volcanic Rock and ancient gardens of beautiful greenery, which makes a counterpoint to the extreme aridity of the Atacama Basin.
Type of Activity: Hiking.
Duration: Half day, 3: 00hs
Difficulty: Low


- Guatin: Between the dryness of the Salar and the imposing Puna are the intermediate streams. The Vilama River is one of the most beautiful and interesting, where the cardón or pasakana cacti grow solitary.You can choose two routes from Guatin: ascending to the Puritama Hot Springs, or descending to the Gatchi archaeological site. Both routes have a similar duration and difficulty.
Type of Activity: Hiking.
Duration: Half day, 3: 00hs
Difficulty: Medium

- Termas de Puritana: The volcanism of the Andes is always the protagonist, be it because of the beauty of its peaks, the eruptions that renew the richness of the soil, or because of the endless sources of thermal water that they produce. Among these geothermal manifestations, a very striking one corresponds to the Puritama River, which rises from volcanic rock at a temperature of 37ºC, and is ideal for swimming. You can explore the area that has high-level facilities and a series of handcrafted pools.
Type of Activity: Hiking or Biking.
Duration: Half day, 3: 00hs
Difficulty: Medium

- Talabre: One of the great virtues of the Atacama Desert is that it is full of authentic places, which preserve in their interior the essence of the simple and contemplative life of yesteryear. Talabre represents that Atacameño spirit eloquently, you can visit its ancient cultivation terraces, as well as sites of ancestral petroglyphs in the Patos and Guezala ravines, all this, against the backdrop of the most active volcano in Chile, the furious Lascar.
Type of Activity: Hiking or Biking.
Duration: Half day, 3: 30hs
Difficulty: Low


- Tatio Geysers: The Tatio Geysers correspond to the largest geothermal field in the southern hemisphere, with a huge variety of manifestations, from small fumaroles and bubbling wells to beautiful water sources such as geysers. You can visit them in a panoramic way (from the vehicle) or on foot, on the way it is possible to see vicuñas, foxes, donkeys and flamingos, it is also possible to bathe in an artificial pool specially installed in the geothermal field.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Full day, 7:00 hs
Difficulty: Medium

- Pueblos del Alto Loa: A historical and cultural experience at the beginning of the plateau where there are still some villages that preserve the ancient traditions of the Lickan Antay ethnic group, such as Caspana and Chiu-Chiu. Caspana is located at almost 4000 meters high , and preserves one of the oldest farming systems in the region, in a privileged environment that mixes desert, oasis and plateau. Chiu-chiu used to be the capital of Atacama La Baja, counterpart of the power centered in San Pedro, and boasts the oldest church in Chile, the church of San Francisco de Chiu-chiu.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Full day, 7:00 a.m.
Difficulty: Low

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