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Calafate Trout Fishing

Visiting Patagonia Argentina is not only appreciating beautiful landscapes, it is also knowing the passions of the locals, Therefore, you cannot miss the opportunity to practice one of the most traditional and loved activities in the south of the continent: Fly Fishing. 

Leaving from El Calafate towards some of the richest environments in fishing fauna, such as Lagos Roca, Argentino and Rico or the Rivers Santa Cruz and Pelque; you will be able to know this authentic and artisan sport whose main technique is wading.

Armed with rod and artificial lure, known as fly , and in the company of expert guides you will be able to capture (and return) the most abundant species in the area, from the Rainbow Trout, the Truch a de Lago or Bocón, El Fontinalis or Trucha de Manantial, even the great protagonist of the area, the Chinook Salmon,  considered a trophy by Patagonian fishermen. 

You can choose between the full day with lunch included or the half day with snack.
Price per person
USD $219
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Pick up at hotels in the center of Calafate/08:30 am
Drop off at hotels in the center of Calafate
9 Hours
October - April
* Transfers from Calafate round trip
* Fishing equipment (front reel, rod, artificial lures, wader and boots with non-slip felt sole)
* Registered Fishing Guide
* Lunch (Included in the full day option)
* Insurance in case of accidents
* Fishing license
* Tips (Optional)
Fly sport fishing is an activity of low physical demand, you do not need to have previous experience.
* Comfortable shoes and clothing.
* Warm jacket
* Hat
* Sunglasses
* Sunscreen
* Photographic camera

El Calafate (AR)
* The sport fishing license will be personal and non-transferable and must be carried in a visible way in the exercise of the activity and will expire automatically, when the period for which it was extended expires.

If you do not have a sport fishing license (requirement to fish in El Calafate), we can do the procedure for you. The cost of the fishing license is approx 20USD per person, they are paid directly at the destination as it is collected by Los Glaciares National Park - El Calafate Intendance.
* Full Day Option: chorizo steak is usually served with salads, accompanied by local wines or beers.

* The menu can be adapted for vegetarians and celiacs *

Details of Day Tours

The morning starts early with the pick up at your hotel at 08:30 am, from there in the company of the expert guides you will leave for some of the most popular environments to practice the sport, the choice of the area will depend exclusively on the weather conditions and will not affect the result of the fishing, the following environments can be visited:

* LAKE ARGENTINO: Recognized for its large dimensions that bathe the coasts of the city of El Calafate. The ideal fishing spot is Punta del Lago , a large bay where Rainbow Trout and Lake Trout are obtained , the latter are the great attraction due to the size they can get to have. In this area strong winds predominate making fly fishing difficult, however the guides will be prepared to avoid the winds and ensure a successful day; large and shiny flies will be used like Woolly Bugger or Zonker in purple or black colors with good combinations of red and yellow colors and 6, 7 or 8 rods.

< i> * ROCA LAKE: Small lake with crystal clear waters where you can obtain pieces of different sizes, the most abundant species will be the Rainbow Trout, which in summer are the center of attention for its large size and agility. This environment is ideal for fishing with N ° 6 rods with Wet Tip lines or fast sinking lines for the deepest places. The most common flies are the black Woolly Bugger, Zonker, Matuka, in black, olive, brown and nymph colors, among which the Prince with big head stands out. 

< b> * LAKE STROBEL: Lake of very difficult access but one of the ones that will give you the greatest satisfaction since it has a very good quantity of Rainbow Trout and Portes between 3 and 7 kilos each. This is one of the most beautiful areas to practice sports; heavy equipment with 7 to 8 sinking lines and large, brightly colored flies will be used.

* RÍO PELQUE: This is a river with clear waters with very little slope, which makes it very entertaining for fishing Brown and Fontinalis with pieces ranging from 300 gr to 2 kg. The Río Pelque is ideal for the use of light equipment ranging from rods 2 to 5 and black Woolly Bugger flies.

* RÍO SANTA CRUZ: It is the most important and mighty in the province of Santa Cruz. Fishing in the upper section is good thanks to the abundance of Canadian Trout and Smallmouth Perch. At the mouth of the river, Steelheads of good size are obtained, being the average between 3 and 6 kilograms. The equipment you will use will be a very heavy one, with 8 or 9 rods with a powerful butt of at least 9 feet in length, the reel must have a very good brake. The most common flies are the large and weighted streamers, the Rabbits, Wooly Bugger and Zonker types can be used. Colors range from purple to black with a few flashes of glitter. 

This river is largely unexplored; It is believed that only a third of its route is visited by local fishermen.

* RÍO CATERINA: Located in the Lake Argentino basin, it is the favorite place for fishing Chinook Salmons, this species is a challenge for fishermen, since when the fish They go up to the river towards spawning, they do not eat, making their fishing not easy, however the guides have studied their behavior and managed to obtain several specimens through the artisanal technique of fly fishing. 

You will use large flies, articulated and in bright colors (fluorine green, oranges, etc.), rods 7 to 8 , sinking lines and a lot of patience because once the Salmon catches the fly, there will be an unequal fight, it will not be easy to hold these specimens, their strength is unusual, it will be necessary to have a good backing reserve in the reel and at least one tippet.

During the fishing day, in any of the chosen environments, the guide will be at your disposal at all times. You will receive a talk with basic concepts and movements , use of equipment, assembly of flies, choice of rod, etc., and according to your experience the practice will be deepened.

Fishing It will always be wading, that is, you will walk along the banks of the river or lake. You will be able to move without difficulty in the low temperature waters, thanks to the equipment that the guide will provide: wader and boots with sole made of non-slip felt (some boots also come with nails for a better grip). 

You can choose between the full day shift that includes 10 hours of sport fishing and a break at noon to enjoy a delicious traditional lunch on the banks of the chosen River or Lake. Or you can opt for a noon day  with 6 hours of fishing and snack, for this option n you can choose the morning departure at 08:30 am or the afternoon departure at 2.30 pm.

In Patagonia Argentina, the Fly Fishing will always be captured and returned, in this way the sport is enjoyed and the native species of the area are preserved. 

The services will end with the drop off at your hotel in El Calafate. 

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