Nevado Del Tolima Summit Expedition In 4 Days

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Highlights of Nevado Del Tolima Summit Expedition In 4 Days

Immerse yourself in the adventure of conquering this sleeping volcano, a unique mountain that rises with imposing beauty in the heart of the Park Los Nevados Natural National. 

With a Impressive altitude of 5220 meters, the Nevado del Tolima is the jewel of climbing in Colombia. Its distinctive volcanic cone shape provides an incomparable backdrop for lovers of outdoor sports. 

During this 4-day trip, you will explore diverse ecosystems, capturing the essence of the high mountains Colombian. Our team of expert guides will accompany you every step of the way, sharing their knowledge about the unique flora and fauna that inhabit this region. 

It will be a unique experience that will take you through amazing landscapes, from lush forests to dazzling glaciers. 
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USD $447
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Hotels located in Salento. Pick up time: 05AM
Hotels located in Salento. Approximate return time: 05PM
4 Days
All year round
* Private transportation from Salento to Cocora and from Cocora to Salento
* Professional mountain guide for every three people
* Complete meals from breakfast on day 1 to lunch on day 4
* Accommodation 3 nights at Finca de Montaña
* Complete glacier equipment (helmet, harness, crampons, ice ax)
* Trek poles and rain ponchos
* Water purification
* Medical assistance insurance
* Logistics of the entire trip, loading mules for backpacks and equipment, during day 1 and 4. Each person has the right to deliver 10kg/40lts
* Extras not mentioned
* The ideal is to have some experience in hiking in the wilderness, adequate physical condition (based on cardio; cycling, jogging, swimming, etc.) and not have heart problems.

* From 1 to 5 is on the 4.5 difficulty scale.

* This itinerary has been planned for people with some type of experience: it is necessary to have the appropriate physical conditions and not have any relevant medical condition that could affect the health of the participant.

* Significant slopes can cause mountain sickness, which will be detected quickly and cannot be taken lightly.
Suggested luggage:

• Canteen, Thermos or Camelback, avoid plastic or PET bottles. Necessary capacity between 1 to 2 liters.
• Two changes of clothes (the one you are wearing and an additional one) made of quick-drying synthetic material (lycra, polar fiber, etc.). Please do not wear drill pants or jeans or in general cotton, they do not protect from the cold and if they get wet they will not dry during the entire expedition. Also avoid cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets.
• A waterproof jacket
• Additional layer for summit day: Lycra or long-sleeved trekking shirt. Pants a little thicker than trekking pants with some degree of protection against wind and humidity.
• A set of thermal underwear or sweatshirt made of fleece or thick fabric to stay in the cabin and sleep. (You can also decide to use this set of thermal clothing, as a first layer, during the ascent to the summit)
• Gaiters (these are useful both for the mud on the approach days and for the summit day)
• Four pairs of thick socks, hopefully wool (1 additional pair to sleep in or leave as a spare)
• A wool or polar fiber hat that covers the ears (can be a balaclava)
• A pair of waterproof gloves.
• A cap or hat
• A pair of trekking boots that cover the ankles and ideally are waterproof. (These are essential for summit day and the use of crampons)
• Pantanera boots: In the snowy mountains of Tolima the water, swamp and mud are abundant almost all year round, bring pantanera boots to wear on day 1 and 2. It is important that you put one (ideally two) insole for greater comfort (they can be the insoles of the boots you are going to use for the summit). Keep in mind that if you wear tennis shoes during day 1 and 2, it is 90% likely that you will walk with wet feet).
• A pair of sandals, Crocs or light sneakers for use in the cabin
• A jacket or sweatshirt made of polar fiber or synthetic material to protect from the cold
• A small quick-drying towel.
• Small personal first aid kit. (Guides will carry a complete specialized first aid kit for remote areas)
• Aluminized emergency thermal blanket
• Headlamp (for use on the head) and spare batteries for three (3) days. If you have the option, prefer to use flashlights with rechargeable batteries so we reduce the purchase of single-use batteries, and bring enough spares)
• Sunglasses with 400UV filter. This is an essential element for ascent to the summit; failure to use them can cause mountain blindness, due to exposure to radiation reflected by the snow.
• Small backpack to use on walks. The capacity of this backpack should be between 40 to 50 liters, in it you will carry the essentials of the day, hydration, snacks that we will give you, a hiking lunch and your helmet. And on the day of ascent to the summit you will also take crampons and an ice axe.
• Walking sticks (optional) If you don`t have them, we can lend them, they help a lot for balance, overcoming difficult stretches of mud and easing the burden of walking on the sword.
• Personal hygiene items in small quantities and with biodegradable characteristics.
• Sunscreen with a protection factor greater than or equal to 60 SPF
• Dry bags (If we have the option to avoid plastic ones, carry multi-use dry bags.
• Toilet paper
• Lip protector (Lipstick), cocoa butter or Vaseline
• Sweets/chocolates/peanuts/snacks/energy. (only very special items that you really like and in very small quantities, since we will give you enough snacks for each day)
• If you are vegetarian, we recommend that you bring your own food to supplement the meals on the farms and camp. We adapt the menu according to your needs, but it is better to bring items that you are more accustomed to.
• Photographic camera. (On the farms, access to energy is extremely limited, especially in high cloudy seasons, since the farms are powered by solar energy. It is better to carry enough backup battery)
• It will surely rain, we must prepare for it, pack everything in dry bags or, failing that, plastic bags.

Details of Travel Packages


Day 1: Discovering the Cocora Valley and Climbing to the Páramo

* 5:00 am: Start the day with a delicious breakfast before embarking on the adventure. We will depart by car from Santento and head to the impressive Cocora Valley, home to the largest wax palms on the planet and a fog forest full of natural wonders.

* 07:30 am : We will explore the Cocora Valley, crossing 6 bridges over a river that descends from the mountains, passing through the Acaime reserve, a treasure in the heart of the journey to the Nevado del Tolima, which stands as an oasis of biodiversity and natural charm. 

From Acaime we will advance towards the mountain estate known as Estrella de Agua, a jewel located at an altitude of 3750 meters. This refuge in the heights adds a special dimension to the expedition, providing a place of rest and wonder in the midst of imposing nature. There we will have time to recharge our batteries with a delicious lunch.

* 02:00 pm: We will leave Estrella de Agua towards the mountain farm where we will spend the night, Finca la Primavera. We will walk through the essential paramo ecosystem, recognized as essential for life and present only in four countries around the world, with the opportunity to sight the imposing Nevado del Tolima and the beautiful Paramillo del Quindío 

- Approximate walking time day 1: 7 to 8 hours
- Distance: 18 km
- Initial height: 2400 m
- Maximum height: 3900 m
- Final height: 3750 m
- Accumulated ascent: 1800 m
- Accumulated descent: 450 m
- Terrain: 50% dirt trails - 50% wet trails
< font size="2">- Type of accommodation: Mountain farm (with shared rooms and bathrooms). 

Day 2: Recovery, Acclimatization and High Mountain Course

* 8:00 am: After enjoying a typical mountain breakfast, we say goodbye to our cozy refuge farm, La Primavera. We begin our journey towards the Base Camp, located at 4400 meters of altitude. This day is calm, with the intention of reaching Base Camp at noon, allowing us to rest for most of the day in preparation for the next attempt to the summit.

The Nevado del Tolima, majestic guardian, accompanies us on our journey until we reach its foothills. With a little luck, we will be able to see the imposing figures of the Nevado Santa Isabel and the Nevado del Ruiz, which will be our view for the rest of the day from the camp.

At the Base Camp, the organization and distribution of the glacier equipment will be carried out, while we receive detailed guidance on its correct use. We will also travel some of the nearby trails on an acclimatization hike where we will receive a basic high mountain course.

The rest of the day will be enjoyed in an atmosphere of tranquility, immersed in the natural beauty that surrounds us. This strategic rest time allows us to adapt even more to the altitude conditions and prepares us mentally and physically for the challenge that awaits us in the early hours of the next day.  ;

- Approximate walking time day 2: 4 hours
- Distance: 8 km
- Initial height: 3750 m
- Maximum height: 4400 m
- Final height: 4400 m
- Accumulated ascent: 650 m
- Accumulated descent: 50 m
- Type of accommodation: Camping 

Day 3: Nevado Summit Attempt Tolima

* 00:00 hs: The most challenging day has arrived. We wake up with determination in the early morning, we enjoy a comforting tea and we will eat to gain energy before embarking on the path to the glacier and, finally, face the ascent to the top of Nevado del Tolima (5220m ). The estimated round trip time is 14 hours.

Keep in mind that each person must carry their backpack with:  Personal clothing necessary for this day. (the rest of the luggage stays on the farm), Rain poncho, Glacier equipment: Helmet, crampons, ice ax and harness with carabiner. Hydration: 2 liters, Snacks (Which will be delivered the day before), Sun protection glasses + Sun block and Headlamp with spare batteries.
Tour Description:

- Arenales: The first section, known as sandbanks , will take us through steeply sloping sands, marking the transition between the super-paramo ecosystem and the glacial moraine. This section offers an impressive view of the transformation of the landscape.

- Rocky Terrain: The second section introduces us to a rocky terrain that , in times past, was covered by glaciers. Some rocks present vertical steps (safe) that we will cross with caution, adding a touch of controlled excitement to our ascent.

- Glacier: The final part of the route covers the glacier. Upon reaching the glacier edge, we equipped ourselves appropriately to face the last stretch. The climb up the last 200 meters of elevation to the top is a challenging but exciting experience, taking approximately 2 hours ascent and 45 minutes descent.

- Approximate walking time day 3: 14 hours
- Distance: 18 km
- Initial height: 3770 m
- Maximum height: 5200 m
- Final height: 3770 m
- Accumulated ascent: 1430 m
- Accumulated descent: 1430 m
- Type of accommodation: Finca mountain (with shared rooms and bathrooms). 

Day 4: Descent, Fog Forests and Return to Salento

* 7:00 am: We start the day with a nutritious breakfast before starting the descent from the top of Nevado del Tolima. This descent marks the beginning of our transition to different and equally fascinating environments.

We descend in the direction to the cloud forests, an ecosystem that houses a rich diversity of flora and fauna, playing a crucial role in water conservation in Colombia. This descent offers us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in exuberant nature and appreciate the importance of these forests for ecological balance.

We will reach the imposing Cocora Valley, considered sacred, where we will obtain panoramic views of the giant wax palms and the opportunity to capture unforgettable moments through photographs.

After exploring the Cocora Valley, we prepared to continue our trip to Salento, We will board the vehicles and head towards the oldest and most typical town in Quindío. There, we conclude the exciting expedition of conquering the Nevado del Tolima. 

Salento, with its colonial charm and welcoming atmosphere, will welcome us to celebrate the achievements achieved and reflect on the unforgettable experience lived in the heights. div>

- Approximate walking time day 4: 7 hours
- Distance: 19 km
- Initial height: 3750 m
- Maximum height: 3900 m
- Final height: 2400 m
- Accumulated ascent: 450 m
- Accumulated descent: 1800 m

This itinerary is designed to provide a complete experience, from exploring lush nature to the challenging ascent of Nevado del Tolima, ensuring unforgettable moments every step of the way. The route may undergo changes by decision of the mountain guides in charge, in order to preserve the safety of travelers. 

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