Orongo Ceremonial Center On Easter Island

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Highlights of Orongo Ceremonial Center

We will take a historical tour through the mysterious and exotic Rapa Nui culture, its traditions, beliefs, and customs. This walk will take you to places specially designed to feel the spirituality of the ancient inhabitants of the island.

Our excursion begins with a visit to the cave of Ana Kai Tangata, to appreciate cave paintings. Then we will visit the Vinapu sector, archaeological site, and the Rano Kau Volcano, and we will finish our day with a visit to the ceremonial village of Orongo.
Meeting point
12 PM
3 Hours
- Spanish / English / French Guide
- Tranfer IN / OUT of selected hotels
- Entrance to the Rapa Nui National Park
- Lunch
- Extras not detailed in the itinerary
- Comfortable clothes
- Sunglasses
- Sunscreen
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Details of Day Tours

We will meet at 9:15 AM to leave for Ana Kai Tangata cave. Here we can see drawings of birds in a stylized way, which represent the Manutara (terns), whose precious egg was the center of the annual competition of the birdman.

We will then visit the Vinapu sector, where we can find large basalt slabs that fit similarly to the Inca constructions of Cuzco. We will not find this way of working the stone in any other corner of Polynesia.

Then we will visit the Rano Kau volcano, where we can find a lagoon with small totora islands, abundant vegetation, and microfauna.

Finally, we will visit the ceremonial village of Orongo, where the Bird Man ceremony was held. This ceremony designated with the King who would be the spiritual and political leader during the period of one year. This sacred character, which is represented as a body of a shrunken man and a large bird's beak, is engraved on a large number of stones.

After exploring Orongo, we will return to our selected hotels at approximately 12 PM.
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