Ferry Along The Patagonian Fjords Route From Puerto Montt To Puerto Natales

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Highlights of Ferry along the Patagonian Fjords Route from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales

Discover the beauty of the  virgin parks   and travel the  Southern Route  of the  Patagonian Channels   from  Puerto Montt  to  Puerto Natales

We invite you to leave behind the noise of the city and let yourself be seduced by the outstanding abundance of one of the purest settings:  the Patagonian canals

From the heart of  Reloncaví , the  Gulf of Ancud , the  Corcovado   or the  canal from Moraleda   to the beautiful spectacle of the descent of the  Costa mountain range on the Taitao peninsula .
A route in which the  Gulf of Penas   recalls the eternal route of the ancient aborigines, where the remains of the dismemberment of the  Cordillera de los Andes  give rise to small islands covered with  coihues, lengas and cypresses   of low height. A living testimony that is immersed in the  Southern Ice Fields  where the multi-colored waters that surround  Puerto Edén  greet passengers and host the last kawéskar of the area. 
Everything to end in  Puerto Natales , the gateway city to monumental natural landscapes such as the  Torres del Paine National Park , the Milodon Natural Monument and the  Los Glaciares National Park  in  Argentina .

1. - Puerto Montt
2.- Castro
3.- Chaitén
4.- Puerto Chacabuco
5.- Coyhaique
6.- Laguna San Rafael
7.- Cochrane
8.- Puerto Edén
9.- Puerto Natales
10.- Punta Arenas

How is the experience on board?
We are not a cruise ship, but a Ferry, that is, a ship that transports cargo and  passengers. Traveling in Navimag is like being in a Hostel that sails through Patagonia, since you can choose between sharing your cabin with other travelers or closing it for yourself if you want more privacy. Our journey is rather contemplative, without great luxuries but authentic. In which you can enjoy a moment of disconnection at the end of the world, you will share with a variety of people, you will have time to rest and recharge for your next trekking or adventure that you have programmed in Patagonia. 

Who travels in Navimag?
On our routes you will be able to meet a wide variety of people: travelers of different nationalities, local and transporters. The age range of our passengers is usually from 30 to 60 years old.

For whom is it recommended to travel with Navimag?
Our trip is ideal for slow travelers and backpackers. For those who experience the journey is as important as reaching the destination. For those who want to arrive or return from Patagonia in a different way from the traditional trips by plane or by land, to enjoy the beauty of the Patagonian fjords and the comfort and rest that a boat trip offers . For those who want to travel to the old. Those who want to meet and share with more people in a conversation or a board game. For those who are traveling by car, motorhome, bicycle or motorcycle. For those looking to disconnect and/or recharge. And for those who have a flexible itinerary, since the weather in Patagonia is unpredictable.


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Details of Ferry Along The Patagonian Fjords Route From Puerto Montt To Puerto Natales

Check in will be from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Hotel Holiday Inn 2nd floor, located on Avenida Juan Soler Manfredini S/N, Mall Costanera, where our port staff will receive their luggage in custody, which must be collected by each passenger at the time of boarding. In case of traveling by vehicle, you will be given the necessary information to guide you through the process. 
Passengers will board the ferry at 2:00 p.m. Once on board, members of the crew will give passengers a welcome talk along with some information for a safe and entertaining navigation, to later set sail at 4:00 p.m. and navigate through the Fjords of Patagonia, with a final destination in the city of Puerto Natales.
The navigation will begin through the Reloncaví Sound, Gulf of Ancud and at dusk you will enter the Apiao Channel and later to the Corcovado Gulf. 

The Sunrise will surprise us navigating the southernmost part of the Corcovado Gulf, where the Captain, according to the meteorological information received, the data of the tidal currents in the channels and the ephemeris of stars such as the Moon and the Sun, will decide the most suitable to continue the journey, having, among others, the following departure options to the Oceanic Area: 
1. Boca del Guafo, 2. Canal Ninualac, 3. Canal Pulluche.
With the possibility of accessing other channels, depending on visibility, traffic and crossing situations with other ships. 
If you choose to go out to the open sea through the Boca del Guafo, you will immediately sail between the Chonos Archipelago and the Guafo Island, to quickly exit to the Oceanic Area. If the option is to go out through the Ninualac Channel, sailing all morning through the Moraleda Channel, we will arrive near Tuap Island, where we will turn to the west, and we will begin to navigate the Ninualac Channel, going out to sea open in the afternoon.
On the other hand, if you choose to navigate the Pulluche Canal, you will travel through the Moraleda Canal, a transit point for notable sailors and canoeists from the Chonos Archipelago and Chiloé. Later we will navigate through the Errázuriz Channel, then the Chacabuco and finally we will enter the Pulluche Channel, the most exuberant in vegetation (lenga and cypress forests). If luck is with us, we could see dolphins, sea lions and wild birds. 
At dusk we will begin ocean navigation in the sector immediately north of the Gulf of Penas, to fully enter the night to the. The open sea crossing will last approximately 12 hours with good weather and where it is possible to see Humpback, Minke and Blue whales (depending on the time of year and the weather).

We will wake up sailing between fjords and cross the Messier Channel that reaches 1,270 meters deep, a characteristic that makes it the most deep zone; In this channel, we will also have the opportunity to see the Cargo Ship "Capitán Leonidas", which has been stranded since the 70s on a submerged islet called "Bajo Cotopaxi". This ship is currently used as a navigational beacon and point of reference for sailors.
Shortly after, we will cross the Angostura Inglesa, to reach the town of Puerto Edén, where the last population of the Alacalufes indigenous is located. of Chile, which is located on Wellington Island, one of the largest in the country. It is part of the Bernardo O´Higgins National Park.
After a short stay in that town (only for boarding and disembarking for residents of Puerto Edén), we will restart our navigation through the Patagonian channels, called Paso del Indio, Paso del Abismo, Canales Wide, Concepción, Inocentes, Angostura Guía, Canal Sarmiento, Paso Farquar, Strait Collingwood, Canal Unión, Paso Sobenes (the southernmost of our route), Paso Escobar Doxrud and Canal Morla Vicuña.

We will wake up navigating the Santa María Channel, and then we will reach the most narrow of the route, the Angostura White with only 80 meters wide. Then we will sail in the Union Sound to later enter the access channel to the city of Puerto Natales, where our great adventure ends.

The landing in Puerto Edén and the Transit in the channels, it is carried out only if the sea conditions, itinerary and weather allow it, always at the discretion of the Captain.

IMPORTANT : The dates and times are estimates and must be confirmed within 48 hours prior to the departure indicated in this document.
Rates include accommodations, shipping, entertainment on board, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
The rate does not include port taxes of US $ 10 per person. Optional tours or port transfers are not included. It does not include alcoholic beverages and the sale, consumption or entry of these is not allowed on board our ferries.
Does not include purchases in the cafeteria

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