Argentina Travel Packages in Buenos Aires Argentina

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Argentina, it is recommended to get your international flight to Buenos Aires, from where you will find the biggest offer for Argentina Travel Packages.

Buenos Aires is located right in the center of Argentina. From there, you can get domestic flights to every city in the country. It is recommended to spend the first night in Buenos Aires before connecting with a domestic flight to other local destination, in order to avoid problems that may be caused by an unexpected international flight delay.

It is important to be aware about weather and seasons in Argentina, before planning your Argentina Travel Package. For example, if you want to visit Patagonia (located south of Argentina), the best time to travel is from september to march (Argentina spring/summer time). In the other hand, if you want to visit north of Argentina, it would be better to avoid summer time (december to march).

Distances in Argentina is also another variable you have to consider when planning your holidays in Argentina.  From Buenos Aires to Ushuaia (most southern city), it takes almost 4 hours by plane. From Buenos Aires to Salta (north of Argentina), it takes almost 2 and a half hour by plane.  Due to these distances, domestic flights are not cheap in Argentina. Therefore, it is a good suggestion in order to save money and time, to try to minimize number of flights when arranging your travel package in Argentina.

If you want to check some sample itineraries around Argentina, you can check our multidestination travel packages section.

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