La Ventana Tango Show In Buenos Aires

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Highlights of La Ventana Tango Show

If you are in Buenos Aires, our tour to La Ventana is an excellent option to see one of the best and most traditional Tango shows that the city offers.

You will know a historic conventillo that has been restored and is located in the San Telmo neighborhood : the birthplace of tango par excellence.

It is the best option if you want to enjoy an excellent gastronomy and Argentine wine cellar , besides contemplating an unforgettable tango and folklore show made up of 32 artists on stage: two orchestras, four pairs of dancers, two singers, Altiplano music and boleros show.

La Ventana gives you the opportunity besides request before dinner, a tango class or a wine tasting to make the night perfect and unique.

Pick up through downtown Buenos Aires hotels.
-Time of tango class / wine tasting class + dinner and show: between 06:30 pm and 07:00 pm.
-Pick up dinner and show schedule: Between 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm.
- Schedule of pick up only show: Between 9:00 pm and 9:30 pm.

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Drop off in downtown hotels in Buenos Aires at 0.00 am.
4 Hours
- Pick up and drop off from downtown hotels.
-Show of tango and folklore

-Propina (optional)
Buenos Aires (AR)
-La Ventana offers the option of tango class or wine tasting before dinner-show, if requested.
-We have a menu for vegetarians and coeliacs with prior notice.
-Smart sport dress.

Details of Shows

07:00 - 08:00 pm: Prior to dinner-show you can enjoy a tango class or wine tasting (optional). If you choose this option, we will pick you up to start your class or tasting and live a night in pure tango.

08:00 - 10:00 pm: When choosing the dinner option show without wine tasting or tango class we will go to the streets of San Telmo, the oldest neighborhood of Buenos Aires and cradle of the tango. We will arrive at a historic conventillo today restored as a theater-restaurant to live an unforgettable night in La Ventana.

The menu is based on delicious gourmet dishes both national and international, among which you will be able to choose. A part of the menu offered by the house will be detailed below:

- Caprese salad: tomato, mozzarella, basil, with extra virgin olive and pepper.
- Chef Salad: ham, lettuce, tomato, cheese, carrot, egg, and cabbage colored with mayonnaise dressing, garlic, and ciboulette.
- Chickpea salad: with vegetables in julienne, olive, lemon, coriander, cabbage, red pepper, and corn.
- Creole empanadas (choose an option): veal (soft or spicy) veal cut by a knife, Roquefort cheese, and mozzarella, or caramelized onion or mozzarella.
- Vegetable soup: zucchini, carrot, celery, zucchini, squash and spinach.
- Soup of the day with croutons and diced mozzarella cheese.

Red meat
- Traditional chorizo steak (350 grs.) grilled with chimichurri.
- Veal Milanese with mozzarella and tomato concase
- Baked pork bondiola with herbs
- Grilled field chicken with a choice of baked potatoes, sauteed vegetables, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes or squash or American salad.
- Grilled day fishing with fresh spinach leaves and capers on mashed potatoes
- Pasta: choice between au gratin souffle gnocchi, mozzarella and ham sorrentines, spinach and ricotta ravioli, egg tagliatelle. Choice of Pomodoro sauce, cream, scrparo, pesto, Veal Ragú, aglio e oli

- Classic homemade flan
- Warm dulce de leche pancake
- Frosted glass of American cream with berries and crushed meringue
- Pears cooked in Malbec wine with ice cream
- Cupcakes: choice of filling of quince jam or sweet potato
- Cheese and sweet: sweet cheese and sweet potato or quince

- Beer (free)
- Water (free)
- Sodas (free)
- Wines from Zuccardi winery (½ bottle per person)

10:00 pm: begins a tango show that will surprise you. Live music is performed by luxury tango orchestras along with a group of Argentine folk music, accompanied by four couples on stage that will dazzle you with their precision and sensuality.

The show also allows you to listen to indigenous music live and learn about the culture of the gauchos through an impressive demonstration of boleros, which are used in the field for cattle.

To conclude with a special night, La Ventana pays an emotional tribute to Eva Perón with the song of the renowned musical. It will be a unique moment that you will not forget.

11:45 pm: Once the show is over, we will take the transfer back to our selected hotels.
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Rates of La Ventana Tango Show in Buenos Aires

Valid rates for 2020 per person

Tango Show Promo
Service without dinner or transfers included.
Offered in: ESP,ENG,POR
Starts: 21:30 Hs
Duration: 2 HS
Operates: Everyday

From: USD 66.5

Tango Show at La Ventana
Includes: transfers and admission to the tango show
Offered in: ESP,ENG,POR
Starts: 21:30 Hs
Duration: 2 HS
Operates: Everyday

From: USD 80

Dinner &Tango Show at La Ventana
Includes: transfers, dinner and tango show
Offered in: ESP,ENG,POR
Starts: 19:30 Hs
Duration: 430 HS
Operates: Everyday

From: USD 96.5

Dinner and Tango Show with Wine Tasting
Enjoy a wine tasting before starting the show. Includes dinner, drinks and round trip transfers from hotels.
Offered in: ESP,ENG,POR
Starts: 18:30 Hs
Duration: 5 HS
Operates: Everyday

From: USD 110

Dinner & Show at La Ventana with Tango Class
Join a tango group class before attending the show. Includes dinner, drinks and round trip transfers from hotels.
Offered in: ESP,ENG,POR
Starts: 18:30 Hs
Duration: 5 HS
Operates: Everyday

From: USD 110

VIP Tango Show
Includes transfers and access to the VIP sector to watch the show (dinner not included).
Offered in: ESP,ENG,POR
Starts: 21:30 Hs
Duration: 2 HS
Operates: Everyday

From: USD 146.5

Dinner / Tango Show in VIP Sector
VIP menu The best location of the house. Transfer Included From And To The Hotel.
Offered in: ESP,ENG,POR
Starts: 19:30 Hs
Duration: 430 HS
Operates: Everyday

From: USD 213.5


Rates from USD 67 57

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Reviews of Shows Tango Show With Dinner

amazing tango show! a must!

I've been to a lot of different style shows around the world but this we stick in my mind as the one to beat. I had been awake for 24 hours and this was my third tour of the day and I never even blinked. I was captivated and I loved the energy. Wine tasting here was lots of fun also. GO GO GO! Great night out! lovely tangueria music!

Reviewed by Jack
helpful staff

Cecilia has been very helpful with booking this tango show. it was a great recommendation!

Reviewed by ingrid womack
Everyone needs to go to this Tango show

At first I was not sure if we needed to attend a Tango show if we had already seen this dance at San Telmo and the Boca restaurants, however; I am glad we went. The show was jaw dropping; Tango at its finest. It also included some music from the Argentinian natives which was also amazing; but the tango dancers were just incredible.

Reviewed by Anne
Excellent Experience

I have been in La Ventana with two friends and it was a fantastic experience. The dinner was very good, there was also some vegetarian choices. In particular, desserts were very nice. But the most amazing thing was the show. I’ve seen other Tango Show in Buenos Aires but the one in La Ventana was the best: there’s a live orchestra with powerful singers and a great dancing company. I absolutely reccomend it.

Reviewed by valentina
La ventana tango show

I was participating the Tango show bought with Tangol and it was simply amazing! We were served delicious 3-course dinner in a very elegant place. than the show was absolutely amazing!! they were dancing tango, singing all beautiful and shiny you could totally feel the show. I was amazed by the dances and all the magic had the place. We were picked- up and drop off at the hotel what was very convinient! Highly recommended for any age!

Reviewed by Ewa
Tango at its best

The food was great and the show was excellent. The show included a tango orchestra, tango dancers, and a group that played music from Los Andes. It was just perfect !

Reviewed by JF

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