Trekking North Coast On Easter Island

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With our full day hike along the North Coast, you can breathe the calm atmosphere of the place as you enter the most remote and inaccessible areas of Rapa Nui. You will walk surrounded only by animals that roam freely and countless abandoned prehistoric remains in a magical atmosphere of an ancient past, more present than ever. We will make the journey through the back of the highest volcano of Rapa Nui, along the remarkable north coast of the island where there are no roads or signs.
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Easter Island Hotels
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All participants must be in good health, without medical problems.
The hike is quite long and the terrain is rocky, but there is not much elevation.
Water bottle (large)
Rain coat
Isla de Pascua (CL)

Details of this Activity

During our walk we will visit the following sites: & nbsp;

& nbsp; Ana Kakenga or "the cave of the two windows". The ancient settlers modified the natural entrance to this cave with rocks, leaving only a small opening to enter. The tunnel opens to a larger chamber and is divided into two openings from the cliffs, overlooking the ocean.

Ana Te Pora: It's a large open space and very well preserved. Its main attraction is a ceremonial rock inside, and two windows that will allow you to see the outside in an incredible way.

Te Peu: The isolated location The town of Te Peu has left its archaeological remains intact. Here you can see many "boat houses" in good condition, all built around and in front of the two large ahu platforms in the lower parts of the area.

Ma'itaki Te Moa: The back of this wall is made up of rocks of a remarkable size and well-cut rectangular blocks. An even more amazing feature of Ma'itaki Te Moa's ahu is a moai statue that, despite its perfect condition, has been used as a building block for the monument, instead of being on it. 

Vai Matā: Here we find the largest statue in the entire area of the north coast. The ahu is made of huge blocks, cut with almost unmatched precision for a perfect fit. Vai Matā's boat houses stand out for being exceptionally well preserved, although one house stands out more than another: Ana O Haro. It is an underground dwelling, built as a cave from foundation blocks of recycled ship houses.

Omohi: The tribe that lived here had something to Remember the events. Several petroglyphs - marks on the rocks - can be found here.

Ana or Heu: Also known as the Make-Make cave. Petroglyphs are surprisingly uncommon in the caves of Rapa Nui, but this small house has the roof covered with carved images of the creator god Make-Make.

Moai de black basalt: This is one of the few moai statues that were made of basaltic rock

Ahu Atanga: This is one of the most perfectly astronomically aligned constructions of Rapa Nui, pointing north with extreme precision. Ahu Atanga is located at the northernmost end of the island and is the largest ahu poe-poe (ramp-shaped ahu) on Easter Island with its 25 m length.

Hanga O Teo: Historically it is an important bay, as it is one of the few places with easy access to the sea. Here are several ancient buildings left by the members of the tribe who lived here.

Ana Papa Tekena: This small cave by the sea has a rather peculiar shape. < / div>

Anakena: Finish this journey through time on the most tropical and relaxing beach on Easter Island. Here you can eat or drink something, and take a deserved refreshing swim in the ocean.


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Incredible day in Isla De Pascua
if you are traveling to Isla De Pascua you shouldn´t miss the tour . It is a unique experience!
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