North Circuit In Easter Island

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Through the north circuit we will be able to know the essential and most important sites of Easter Island, reaching the sites with a vehicle, and exploring the areas on foot.

A professional guide Easter Island with expert knowledge of the history, society and culture Rapa Nui will take you on a journey through time around this magical island. Meet the first settlers, the megalithic culture, its rise and decline.This tour can be combined with our South Circuit , to see all the highlights of Easter Island in two days.
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Isla de Pascua (CL)

Details of this Activity

We will know the best of Easter Island history, knowing more about the customs, beliefs and myths that inhabit Rapa Nui. For this, we will visit the most prominent sites in the central and northwest part of the island.

We will begin our tour visiting Anakena, where the capital of the former society was located . Here we can find a monument with the best preserved moais of the whole island, since they were recently unearthed after having been underground for centuries.

We will continue to Te Pito Kura, where we will find the largest monument in the entire area with 10 meters high. Here we can also find a special round rock that has magnetic properties.

We will also know Puna Pau, which is a small volcano from which the red stone used for build the Pukao, which adorn the heads of the Moai. 

We will continue on our way to Ahu Akivi, the only monument with moais looking towards the sea, the Which has a curious legend. Here we will stop for lunch. It is recommended to bring your own food, but you can bring money to buy along the way.

After lunch we will visit Tahai, where we will find a ramp to enter the ocean from inside of the area. We will also find several statues on three different platforms, since the members of this tribe were very ambitious and hardworking.

We will know the Rano Kau Crater, where we can appreciate the views most impressive of the whole island. The crater lake was one of the most important sources of drinking water in ancient times.

We will continue our journey to get to know Orongo, which is a dedicated stone town to the competition of the bird man. Whoever won this competition would be elected together with the King to be the spiritual and political advisor of the same for a year. After exploring Orongo, we will return to our hotels.


Things to do in Isla De Pascua
If you are looking for what to do in Isla De Pascua, you should consider booking the tour . It´ll be an experience you won´t forget!
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