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Highlights of Penguin Watching At Estancia San Lorenzo Península Valdés

The Estancia San Lorenzo Nature Reserve is located within the Peninsula Valdés Protected Natural Area, 160 kilometers from the city of Puerto Madryn, in the province of Chubut, in the Argentine Patagonia.
On its coasts a colony of more than 600,000 Magellan penguins is located and can be visited between September 7th and March 31st each year.
This makes San Lorenzo the world’s biggest Magellanic penguin colony.

In addition to observe this magnificent animals in their natural habitat, in this area we can find marine fossils that crop out in the cliffs and gullies that run down to the sea. 

Thanks to its diversity of attractions, you will be able to choose between several trails depending on the area you want to visit or its difficulty.

The colony of Magellanic penguins on San Lorenzo has been growing steadily ever since penguins started to nest here nearly 50 years ago. This average growth exceeds more than 20% per year, since 1995. 
Magellanic penguins arrive every year early September and leave by the end of April.

During your trip to Puerto Madryn, don`t miss the visit to the Penguin watching tour to Estancia San Lorenzo!
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Estancia San Lorenzo, provincial route N°3, Península Valdés protected natural area
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Estancia San Lorenzo
4 Hours
September - March
- Entrance to the Natural Reserve
- Guided paths (depending on the option selected)
- Ranger Guides
- Self-guided paths
- Transfers to or from the Estancia
- Food or beverages
- Comfortable shoes and clothes.
- Mosquito repellent
- Money for lunch
The Estancia offers varied lunch menus, special menus for students, for vegetarian passengers, and a variety of lamb and chorizo sandwiches

Details of Day Tours

The trails and activities to choose from are:

*Penguin Experience (traditional trail)
The circuit stretches through a penguin transit and burrowing area. Halfway along the walkway there is an astonishing lookout over San Matias Gulf and the wide beach used by penguins to get in and out of the water, and to rest. At the end of the trail we find the ruins of the old Sea lion-oil Factory.

The duration of the trail is 1.30 hrs and there are departures from 10 am to 5 pm.

*Penguins and more Trail, penguins watching and visit to the archaeological zone
The starting point of this circuit is a sand dune. After a small slope we encounter 20 million-year-old giant oysters. Then, as we walk through the Skeleton Hollow, skeletons of different land mammals will help us interpret their connection with the environment.
After a few meters, we get into to the Archaeological Area, where we find physical evidence of native people who lived here over two thousand years ago.
We continue the trek in the dunes where we start to see the first penguins beneath the shrubs or walking on the sand. Then, after leaving the sand behind, we enter a walkway virtually surrounded by penguins, which leads to the Old Ruins of the Sealion-oil. From here on, we continue along the Penguin Experience trail. A Park Ranger will be there to guide the circuit.

The duration of the tour is 2.30 hrs and the departure time is 10 am.

*Penguin Adventure Trail, penguins and its nests watching
After leaving the Penguin Experience trail, we walk along a track that is typically used by researchers and park rangers, and we arrive at the sector called “La Colmena” / ”The Hive” due to the high density of burrows we can find in this place.
The amount of penguins along this trail is much higher than on the Penguin Experience circuit.
This tour is offered only to small groups. A Park Ranger will be there to guide the circuit.

The duration of the tour is 2.30 hrs and the departure time is 10 am.

*Land of Penguins Trail, mini-trekking and fauna watching
This circuit is a mini trekking tour through the area of the highest penguin concentration otherwise only visited by Researchers and Park Rangers. Access is permitted only to small groups, and a San Lorenzo Park Ranger will be present throughout the trek.
The visit will include the area “La Colmena” / ”The Hive” with very high penguin concentration, and the Penguin Gully, transit area of the penguins on their way to the different burrowing sectors.
One of the most beautiful places along this circuit is the cliff area, where penguins also burrow.
On the way back to the starting point we walk along the highest part of the beach.

The duration of the tour is 2.40 hrs and the departure time is 10 am.

*Penguins Experience and Fossils Canyon Trail
20 million years ago, a marine ingression flooded great part of Patagonia and the South American continent. This warm sea was home to different vertebrates, whales, sharks and reef species that can be seen today on this trail.
This is a low-difficulty circuit with 12 different stops to observe fossilized animals that lived in that ancient sea.
Depending on their behavior of the elephant seals, sometimes we can eventually see some of them on the beach.

The duration of the tour is 3 hrs and the departure time is 10 am.

*Trekking Piquillines - trek through the colony and flora & fauna watching
This is the most ideal circuit, perfect for adventure lovers and the most complete, where you can observe flora, fauna, fossils, archaeological sites, historical ruins and the penguin colony.
A good physical condition, comfortable shoes, sunglasses and drinking water are essential!
A park ranger will be there to guide the circuit.
The last part of the trek goes through a wide area of the penguin colony, and it ends with the Penguin Experience trail.

The duration of the tour is 3.30 hrs and the departure time is 09 am
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