Iguazu Falls Day Tours in Iguazu Argentina

Iguazu Falls: Known worldwide for its beauty and extreme nature that surrounds them, the Iguazu Falls are now one of the 7 Natural Wonders of our planet. There are several ways to visit them:

A train on the Falls
One of the best ways to learn and explore a place, is to do it by train. This maxim also applies to the area surrounding the Argentine Iguazu Falls, as the Jungle Train is one of the most requested tourist attractions that the national park offers to its visitors.

Night Falls: the moonlight
Overnight, the Iguazu Falls are transformed. The sound of waterfalls, rivers and streams add different sound events: those of its rich and varied fauna. Every full moon the national park open its gates for visitors. Check official calendar.

Lower Circuit: from below everything looks better
The argentine side of Iguazu Falls, lets you explore and admire the falls from below. It is an amazing experience where you can really notice the dimension of these waterfalls.

Superior circuit, or how to walk on water
The ability to see the Iguazu Falls from the same height where the waterfalls begin their fall vacuum, completely changes the vision and perspective of the visitor and becomes a memory for all your life!

The devils throat
The Devil's Throat is the largest natural attraction of Iguazu National Park, and one of the unmissable excursions to truly know the famous Falls. To get to the Garganta del Diablo, you have to take the train and next the trail to Devil´s Throat (1km approx).

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