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'A very special day aboard a jeep! This tour walks the most beautiful spots in the area in a single afternoon going to places that walking access is very complicated! With the right sea bath, natural pools and even surf in the sand or skibunda !! Come and marvel at the beautiful beaches of Rio Grande do Norte for a whole day !!!

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7 Hours
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This tour is an incredible opportunity to get to know various localities in the region in one day, truly working as a city tour that takes us to places where it is difficult to reach without the help of the car. And on this ride the car itself is an attraction, the Yellow Jeep Camaro! The Jeep 4x4 picks us up at 10am to start the adventure.

We start our way to Sibaúma Beach, where the Catu River flows and there is a village that keeps great quilombola heritage and its huge traditional culture. Here slaves who were saved from a wreck of a slave ship were able to break free and founded this beautiful village with great enthusiasm and dedication.

We follow the adventure taking a trail in the midst of the cane fields and shrimp farms bound for Barra do Cunhaú! There we will stop a bit to enjoy the beach and the natural pools that are gone when the tide is low. We went back to the Jeep and crossed the Catu River towards Praia do Amor and the famous Chapadão.

Crossing the Chapadão, which is a huge cliff located between Love Beach and Praia das Minas, we will be able to marvel at the incredible view of the landscape provided by the majestic Chapadão. Upstairs we go for a delicious lunch (not included in the value of the tour) in a restaurant that has access to Praia do Amor!

With the batteries recharged at lunch, we go to the dunes of cacimbinhas, where we will have boards for sandbord and also skibunda !! The fun is guaranteed !! At that moment the afternoon begins to fall and the sky begins to change color and announces: it is time to go and marvel at the sunset on the sand banks of the Guaraíaras Lagoon! There we will have the sensation of seeing the sun sink into the water until there is only a small gap and form a wonderful light !!!! With the end of the sunset our tour ends and we return to the hotel to rest after an amazing day!

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Pipe Jeep Tour
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Great experience in Pipa

If you are visiting Pipa, consider the tour . We had a really great time!

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