Ibera Lodge

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City: Mercedes

We are a Boutique Spa Hotel located in the heart of the Esteros del Ibera, one of the most important worldwide for its great diversity of flora and fauna wetlands.

We realize ecotourism and stay just 55 km from the city of Mercedes,


Our mission is to provide unique experiences for our visitors. All our activities and excursions are organized taking into account the special characteristics of each group. We want our guests to connect with nature and the local culture, as well as achieve real knowledge about the importance and preservation of our heritage, the Natural Reserve of Ibera.


Ibera Lodge was designed with a unique architectural design respecting correntina lines field construction and using the natural resources of the area, resulting in a space built entirely with local materials. The warmth of our people, the comfort of each room and the stunning natural setting, make Ibera Lodge the best place in the Reserve.

Our visitors can enjoy various activities and Rural Ecotourism such as: wildlife watching, horseback riding, whale watching boat in day and night, Cultural, picnic, fishing, social and business events.

We invite you to start an adventure in virgin territory, where the pure air gives us the enthusiasm for nature, and starry nights with us into a restful sleep and intense.


Bird Watching

Trekking through the jungle trail

Cultural exchange, Visit local artisans

Ride through Esteros, Forest, Forestry and Pajonales

Sightings water outlets and Photographic Safaris

Snorkeling and Diving

Fly Fishing

Night safaris



In addition to spacious and comfortable rooms, there are also some unique facilities such as the pool, which contrasts with nature offering a fresh and comforting space. The lounge invites us to relax, eat, read and plan adventures in Iberá. Each area of ​​the Ibera Lodge is designed for the enjoyment and relaxation of the highest standard.


- Pier on Esteros del Ibera

- Video Room

- Outdoor pool

- Games room: Ping pong, pool table and board games

- Landing track

- Spa

- Jacuzzi outdoors

- Sauna

- Fitness

- Massages

- Library

- Reading room

- Generator


- Laundry

- Wifi


Accommodation in Esteros Del Ibera
If you are looking for accommodation in Esteros Del Ibera, we can recommend you to check Ibera Lodge. We stayed there and had a very pleasant time.
Reviewed by Hellen

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