Solemio Schooner Trip In Guaraíras Lagoon

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A trip recommended for the whole family, aboard the beautiful SoleMio Schooner, we will travel several points of the beautiful Guaraíras Lagoon, the most beautiful in the region. This lagoon holds traces of a remote past when Dutch invaded the northeast of Brazil and so there are the ruins of a Dutch fort! But the great thing about this tour is the rich fauna and flora of the region and of course, the most beautiful sunset of Rio Grande do Norte! A miracle of nature, so beautiful!

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This beautiful boat trip starts at noon and lasts all afternoon. During this time we will navigate the most charming lagoon of Rio Grande do Norte, the Guaraíras Lagoon! On board the incredible SoleMio Schooner, which is a separate attraction, we will enjoy beautiful scenery, including lunch and drinks.

The Guaraíras Lagoon covers several municipalities, the most famous being Tibau do Sul! The waters of the lagoon serve as sustenance for various communities on its shore through fishing and tourism. But those calm waters were witness to battles at some point in Brazilian history, when the Dutch invaded northeastern Brazil. There are still ruins of a Dutch fort on the island of Flamengo!

But nowadays those who walk there witness the calm and beauty of the lagoon, with its rich fauna and flora. The lagoon has an extensive area of ​​mangrove, which brings a very rich range of species from there. There are plenty of shrimp farms and we will visit an oyster farm! When the afternoon begins to fall the look changes and it is at sunset the great moment of the ride. Not by chance the sunset from there is considered the most beautiful of all Rio Grande do Norte! After witnessing this incredible moment, we returned to the hotel.

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Solemn Schooner Trip In Guaraíras Lagoon
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Great experience in Pipa

If you are visiting Pipa, consider the tour . We had a really great time!

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