Navigation With Penguins In Ushuaia

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With our Navigation to the Penguin Colony we will take you on an incredible half-day excursion, visiting key points to spot local fauna. We will pass by the Sea Lions and Birds Islands, where we will be able to see sea lions and more than 20 species of birds in their natural habitat. Then, we continue to Isla Martillo, where we can observe the colony of Magellanic Penguins that live there. 
Ushuaia Tourist Port - Departures are at 9.30 AM and 3.30 PM.
October to March
* Guide: Spanish / English.
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We do not get off the boat in the penguin colony

Details of this Activity

We begin the boat ride departing from the tourist port of Ushuaia, traveling to the center of the Beagle Channel. As we sail away, enjoy the panoramic view of the coast of Ushuaia and the mountains Olivia and Cinco Hermanos.
We sail southwest, approaching the Isla de los Lobos, where we can see sea lions in their permanent habitat. Then, we continue to the island of the birds, habitat of Magellanic and Imperial Cormorants, and privileged sector to spot marine birds. The furthest point of the navigation is the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, in the archipelago of the same name. On these islets it is possible to observe part of the Monte Cervantes, a ship that was shipwrecked in 1930.  Following the southern coast of the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego, we will see the Estancia Remolino where the ship Monte Sarmiento is stranded. Crossing the Beagle Channel in a north-south direction we will see Gable Island and Puerto Williams Naval Base (located on Navarino Island, Republic of Chile). Upon arriving at Martillo Island, we will stop to observe the colony of Magellanic Penguins that nest during the summer season. 
From here we return to the local port, seeing the road, the Estancias Tunel and Fique. 


Incredible day in Ushuaia
if you are traveling to Ushuaia you shouldn´t miss the tour Navigation With Penguins. It is a unique experience!
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