Chilecito And Cuesta De Miranda In La Rioja

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Highlights of Visit To Chilecito And Cuesta De Miranda

Through tour we will learn more about the importance of La Rioja in Argentine history, in addition to admiring its beautiful landscapes.

We will visit the region of Los Colorados and visit the "Cueva del Chacho" , where the Riojan leader Chacho Peñaloza used to hide.

We will know the city of Chilecito along with its impressive slopes, visiting the cable rail stations and the mines where at the beginning of the 20th century the greatest activity in the area was concentrated: gold mining, silver and copper.

We will have time to climb the Cuesta de Miranda and marvel at the explosion of colors and the vastness of its landscapes. A journey you will remember forever!
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7:30 p.m.
11 Hours
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La Rioja (AR)

Details of Day Tours

At 8 AM we depart from La Rioja to Patquía, a town where 5 routes intersect. We headed towards Los Colorados, with its intense reds and low mountains that emerge from the arid soil. Here we will find the cave of the Riojano leader Chacho Peñaloza, where he used to bet with his troops and evade or wait for the enemy.

Then we will continue along the route to the north, passing through Catinzaco and Nonogasta, to finally reach Chilecito. Here we will take a tour of the imposing mountain range Famatina, visiting Cuesta Las Talas, Santa Florentina, the Río del Oro, stations 1 and 2 of the cableway, the La Mejicana mine and its magnificent museum, which has a sample of what was this impressive exploitation of gold, silver and copper in the first half of the 20th century.

We will also visit some districts of Chilecito, such as Samay Huasi, the house and museum of Dr. Joaquín Víctor González (today belonging to the University of La Plata), also visiting the Cristo del Portezuelo and the winery "La Riojana" where we can enter the tasting room.

In the afternoon and to end our day, we will ascend to the Cuesta de Miranda to the Mirador del Monolito where the green, red and blue are combined in the panoramic views, and after contemplating this wonderful scene we will return to the city of La Rioja.

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Great experience in La Rioja

If you are visiting La Rioja, consider the tour . We had a really great time!

Reviewed by Hellen
Incredible day in La Rioja

if you are traveling to La Rioja you shouldn´t miss the tour . It is a unique experience!

Reviewed by Mike

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