Hosteria De Iruya

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Location: IRUYA (AR)
Type: Hotels
SubType: No Category
City: Iruya

Iruya Lodge was built in the highest part of this beautiful settlement. From this place you can see the whole town, the valley, the river and the gorge.

It is a one floor building with a wide central hall where the reception, living-rooms, bar and restaurant are situated.

Its terrace and under cover gallery overlooking the valley and hills gives you an incredible view of the condors.

At the Lodge, we host and cook with the Mares Sur style. You can find out the colors and taste the Andean corns, Iruya potato, Andean root vegetable, broad bean, cayote, lean and fibrous meats, the energy-giving casseroles after a day in the mountain and wines from Salta.

Live the Andean experience from the other side: where the sun rises. Find out a quiet and unique place. Feel the stone and the silence, water and every step in the mountain. This is like an undiscovered island but in the middle of the Andes. See the day start and end in a high and far away corner of the world, Iruya.

The building has a wide terrace and an under cover gallery overlooking the valley and hills that surround it almost completely. Due to the strategic location of the terrace and gallery, the sun shines there almost all day long making them attractive places to have breakfast, lunch, and tea or just enjoy your dinner under the moon light.

From there you will have an incredible view of the condors, which nests in one of the east hills. The whole lodge is surrounded by a dry-stone wall including the sixty steps stair that leads to the main entrance door.

We offer bar and restaurant services for lunch and dinner. Enjoy a menu typical of the area, which shows the idiosyncrasy of these pre-Columbian towns. Thus you can learn the typical delicious food of the north of Argentina, full of culture and tradition.

Iruya Lodge comfortable rooms are characterized by the fact that they give the guest the feeling of being home.

The Iruya Lodge has 15 rooms that allow you to enjoy a comfortable rest as well as the prevailing silence in this remote place far away from civilization.

Activities in Iruya:
In April, Holly Week is a very special date.
May 15th are the patron saint’s celebrations of Saint Isidoro Labrador, a hamlet 3 hours walking from Iruya. This day we celebrate the day of the saint and we offer gifts and carry out a procession with regional instruments.

At the beginning of August is the celebration of the offering to the Pachamama: a day to give back to the soil food and beverages.
After that, in the same month the commemoration of the death of Güemes and the celebration of Saint Roque de Iruya are carried out. The latter is an event to give gifts and adore the saint; there are processions with regional instruments. At the end of this month we celebrate Saint Ramón, celebration carried out in Las Higueras, a near by settlement.

During the first and second week-ends of October Iruya’s patron saint’s celebrations take place. It is a very typical celebration of the town, the Virgin is taken in a procession and a Saint accompanied her, while at the river bank and in the town square a local exchange fair of many knitted and hand made products is carried out.


Accommodation in Salta
If you are looking for accommodation in Salta, we can recommend you to check Hosteria De Iruya. We stayed there and had a very pleasant time.
Reviewed by Hellen
Great place in Salta
We visited Salta where we stayed at Hosteria De Iruya. Absolutely recommended!
Reviewed by Jennifer

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