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Highlights of Awasi Patagonia Experience

Located in a strategic and private place in the south of the continent, Awasi Patagonia is an exclusive Lodge with great doses of peace, tranquility and a 100% personalized luxury service.

The Lodge is situated in a private reserve with stunning views of Torres del Paine, Lake Sarmiento and the Patagonian Steppe. A lush native  lenga and ñirre forest protects the chosen location from the strong Patagonian winds. Its strategic location will allow you to enjoy the Torres del Paine National Park from the privacy and away from the crowds and traffic in high season.

Awasi Patagonia is far from being a common hotel in a southern corner of the continent, it has 14 luxury villas inspired by traditional Patagonian shelters with carefully selected structures to blend in with the natural environment, thus allowing greater proximity to the native fauna that remains intact, you will be able to watch herds of guanacos, rheas, foxes, condors and pumas from the main lodge and private villas.

We invite you to take a great rest in this exclusive "mountain refuge" in the middle of the authentic Patagonia, choose the program you prefer with accommodation in a private villa, full board and exclusive activities at the lodge. Each villa is assigned a private guide and a 4x4 vehicle allowing you to create your own adventure, making your dreams come true, preferences and cravings without having to adapt to the other guests rhythm.

All the activities offered by the Lodge are designed to "Sit in the front row and watch the spectacle of mother earth unfold" The excursions are divided by zones, which will allow you to explore the southernmost terrain in the world according to your expectations: In the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, you will enjoy dozens of peaks and countless viewpoints that decorate the landscape, you will contemplate views of the Lake Pehoe and Lake Nordenskjold. Further south, crossing the National Park, the coldest and most humid area, you will be able to follow trails around the Glacier and Gray Lake, and towards the eastern side of the Park, where the Patagonian Steppe predominates, you will be able to enjoy a variety of trails walking, riding or cycling, ideal for wildlife watching.

¡Come with us to explore Patagonia, land of giants, like never before!

Awasi Iguazu
Awasi Iguazu
4 Days
September - May
* Accommodation in private luxury villas.
* Private excursions in 4x4 vehicles.
* Private Guides
* Full board: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.
* Drinks: With and without alcohol, including open bar and variety of Chilean wines.
* Private transfers to and from Puerto Natales International Airport and Cerro Castillo, according to check in / out times.
* Personalized service that, from the first moment, takes into account your interests and expectations.

Not Included
* Transfers outside check in & check out times
* Transfers to Punta Arenas and Calafate.
* Massages & Treatments
* Excursions operated by external providers
* Premium / Imported Wines
* Additional laundry service
* International calls
* Hotel store products
* Tips
What To Bring?
* Adequate clothing to cope with the changing Patagonian climate (several layers of clothing are recommended).
* Waterproof jacket
* Comfortable shoes for hiking
* Gloves and Cap
* Sunglasses
* Sunscreen
* A small backpack for excursions
* Any medication you need
Torres Del Paine (CL)
* Before your arrival in Awasi, we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire about your preferences, special interests, physical condition, dietary needs and other details that will help our team organize an unforgettable trip specially designed for you.
Included Menu

Being a member of Relais & Chateaux the restaurant is exclusive for guests. Directed by Chef Matias Crosta, the menu is adapted so that you can choose the ingredients yourself and the chef does his magic, or you can choose sophisticated dishes suggested by Chef Crosta, among which you will find:

Gourmet breakfasts: Variety of homemade breads and baked in the day, artisan butter, omelettes, cheeses and fresh cold cuts, outstanding waffles sweetened with exquisite jams prepared with the best harvests of Patagonian fruits. Wide variety of organic fruits to combine with cereals and yogurts, a whole select range of flavors that make breakfast a memorable moment.

Lunch and Dinner: Chef Costra`s specialty includes seafood and local meats accompanied by exclusive ingredients from calafate berries to rich rich, vinagrillo and calvatias, all atypical products only found in the south of the continent. The menu is 3 courses with starter, main course and dessert, some of the most outstanding recipes are:
- Tartar from Guanaco.
- Prawn ceviche served on a spinach bed with couscous and tiger`s milk.
- Octopus with blood sausage and romesco sauce.
- Merken and dark chocolate parfait.
- Chocolate, walnut and coffee cookies.

Awasi Patagonia also stands out for its cocktail menu, we suggest the Pisco Cocktail, a refreshing combination of calafate berries, grapefruit, homemade lenga syrup and the unique Chilean Pisco.

All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are included during your stay.

Details of Travel Packages

Choose the program you prefer and live a unique experience in AWASI PATAGONIA:

* PROGRAM 1: Four days of accommodation + activities
(Includes three nights of accommodation in private villa, full board and full or half day excursions)

DAY 1: Arrival at the Lodge + a half-day activity of your choice.
DAY 2: One full-day activity or two half-day activities of your choice.
DAY 3: One full-day activity or two half-day activities of your choice.
DAY 4: Departure.

* PROGRAM 2: Five days of accommodation + activities
(Includes four nights of accommodation in a private villa, full board, and full or half day excursions)
DAY 1: Arrival at the Lodge + a half-day activity of your choice.
DAY 2: One full-day activity or two half-day activities of your choice.
DAY 3: One full day activity or two half day activities of your choice.
DAY 4: One full day activity or two half day activities of your choice.
DAY 5: Departure

Programs include:

* ACCOMMODATION: Awasi Patagonia has 14 villas including 12 luxury villas, a Master Villa and a main Lodge where the reception and restaurant are located.

Built on wooden pillars to generate the minimum environmental impact, each villa has a hot tub, a wood stove and a living room in an area of ​​80 square meters. The 120-square-meter Master Villa has two suites bedrooms, a living room, an outdoor hot tub, spacious living rooms with a wood-burning stove and a coffee corner.

Each Villa is located between 50 and 400 meters from the main lodge, offering the most absolute privacy and provide great views of the forests, Torres del Paine, Sarmiento Lake or the Patagonian Steppe.

Check - in is at 4:00 PM and Check - out is at 12:00 PM.

* AMENITIES: Relax in the common spaces of Awasi Patagonia, in the main Lodge you will find the restaurant, the reception and spaces to read, have tea or enjoy exquisite cocktails accompanied by majestic landscapes.

In this remote part of Patagonia, the internet service comes through satellite signal, which means that you can only access Wi-Fi in the main lodge, inviting you to do a WiFi detox and connect with nature during your stay.

You can walk or bike along the paths that connect the villas, or you can also request transfers between the villas and common areas at your convenience.

* FULL BOARD: Awasi Patagonia offers excellence culinary levels that define them as members of the Relais & Chateaux gourmet chain. At restaurant, leaded by Chef Matías Crosta, you can enjoy an exquisite and varied menu from breakfast to dinner, prepared with seasonal and local ingredients, adapted to the needs of all visitors.

* PRIVATE EXCURSIONS: All excursions in Awasi Patagonia are private, personalized and organized according to your preferences and special interests.

Each activity leaves from the main Lodge in 4x4 vehicles equipped with a communication system and GPS and will be accompanied by professional guides, trained in archeology, history, flora, fauna and first aid so that you can enjoy the trip of your life safely, thoroughly and pleasant.

The excursions are divided by zones to enjoy the Patagonian region more comfortably, you can choose between half-day activities (from 2 to 5 hours approx) returning to the Lodge for lunch and full day activities (from 6 and 10 hours approx) with lunch included:


- Peninsula Gray: Enjoy the song of the birds as you walk through an enchanted Lengas forest until you reach Gray beach. As you get closer you will be impressed by the majestic icebergs that reach the beach, blown away by the strong winds characteristic of the area. You can walk to the limit of the peninsula and appreciate the Gray glacier in the distance.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Half day, 3: 00hs
Difficulty: Low

- Pingo River: In one of the oldest forests of the National Park, you will be able to appreciate all the predominant flora of the place, along with its homologous river, the Pingo. Surrounded by ancient moraines sculpted by powerful glaciers, you will be surrounded by beautiful landscapes. With more than 1,000 mm of rain a year, it is one of the rainiest sectors of the park, an ideal habitat for the Huemul, Chile`s emblematic animal.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Half day, 3: 00hs
Difficulty: Low

- Mirador Ferrier: This is the perfect option to let yourself be surprised by a large part of the wonders of the Park. Thanks to the panoramic view of this place, you will be able to appreciate the endless lakes, mighty rivers and much of the imposing Paine Massif. The steep trail and winds that sometimes whip the summit make for quite an effort hike, but the views are worth it.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Half day, 3: 30hs
Difficulty: High


- Paine River: Walk on the hills located at the mouth of the Paine River, from where you can appreciate how its blue waters with a considerable concentration of glacial sediments enter the Toro Lake, the largest in the area. You will also be able to appreciate some of the constructions of the old Paine River ranch, whose helmet and operations center was located in this place.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Half day, 2: 30hs
Difficulty: Medium

- Estancia Lazo & Puente Weber: Begin this excursion in the Estancia Lazo sector, to enter the National Park through the Laguna Verde sector, which will provide you with unique postcards of the Cordillera Del Paine. After having walked through beautiful and ancient Lenga and Ñirres forests, you will arrive at one of the most incredible viewpoints in the area, to end the tour in the Weber bridge sector.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Half day, 4: 30hs
Difficulty: Medium

- Cabalgata Lazo: One of the most spectacular views from beginning to end of the southern side of the Macizo Paine; Starting at Estancia Lazo, you will ride up the hill through the Sierra Del Toro, approximately two hours of a friendly walk under a lenga forest, with breaks at viewpoints along the way to appreciate the imposing peaks and valleys of the Park.
Type of Activity: Horseback riding
Duration: Half day, 3: 00hs
Difficulty: Medium

- Cumbre Viewpoint: Centrally located just east of Lake Pehoé, this short but steep excursion will reward you with a spectacular 360-degree view of the park. To the northwest is the always impressive Campo de Hielo Sur, to the north the dominant Paine massif and its Cuernos as protagonists, at its feet Lake Nordenskjöld, to the east the Sierra Baguales and to the south the Sierra del Toro. The strong winds are the protagonists in this path as well as its landscapes and the high-flying condors.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Half day, 2: 00hs
Difficulty: High

- Valle Francés: Considered among the best trails in the National Park, you will ascend steep moraines and, with luck, you will be able to witness avalanches from the French Glacier. A little further up, you will find impressive peaks and huge granite walls, reaching a 360-degree view of the heart of the Paine massif. On this excursion we will cross Lake Pehoé on a catamaran that gives us a beautiful view of the Massif.
Type of Activity: Hiking + Navigation
Duration: Full day, 7:00 a.m.
Difficulty: High

- Path of the Nomads: Discover the untamed Patagonia, walking through the steppe that the Tehuelches nomads traveled years ago, an original town that left cave paintings that you will explore after a quiet walk in the middle of guanacos and ñandúes.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Half day, 2: 30hs
Difficulty: Medium

- Base Torres: This challenging trail is the most visited within the National Park and for a very good reason: never before will you be so close to Torres del Paine, right at the base of the towers, you will be able to witness 12 million years of geological history in the lagoon of glacial origin composed of abundant granite. To get to this beloved place, you will have to overcome different obstacles, climb 800 meters of unevenness, strong winds, a changing climate and the different ecosystems present.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Full day, 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Difficulty: High


- Guanaco Hill: Due to its variety of fauna and the attractive views it provides, this excursion is considered an interesting alternative to tour the eastern sector of the National Park. Not only will you be able to observe the guanacos and rheas in their natural habitat, but you will also be able to admire the view of the three Torres del Paine.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Half day, 2: 00hs
Difficulty: Medium

- Blue Lagoon: An excellent place for bird lovers, you can see a huge variety of local birds such as the caiquen, the juarjual duck and the tagua. In addition, the presence of guanacos and rheas is very common along the way, which will provide us with a mixture of landscapes between the Patagonian steppe, the forest and the Torres del Paine.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Half day, 2: 00hs
Difficulty: Low

- Mountain Bike Paine waterfall: A great opportunity to enjoy the eastern side of the Park with the freedom that pedaling makes possible. We cross pampas populated with curious guanacos, rapids rheas, low forests and a smooth route that presents fun descents. You will depart from the Laguna Azul viewpoint where the descent begins, passing through the extensive Vega del Ñandú to finally reach the imposing Paine Waterfall.
Type of Activity: Biking
Duration: Half day, 2: 00hs
Difficulty: Medium


- Salto de las Chinas: Tour the northeast sector of the Awasi private reserve and let yourself be surprised by the beauty of the place. Depending on the weather conditions, you will be able to admire the Las Chinas waterfall, the Blue Lagoon with the Torres Del Paine in the background and the Sarmiento Lake with the vast pampas that surround it, postcards that you will surely never forget.
Type of Activity: Horseback riding
Duration: Half day, 5:00 a.m.
Difficulty: Medium

- Cleopatra`s Needles: "Cleopatra`s Needles" was the name with which Lady Florence Dixie, the first tourist to visit the area, baptized Torres del Paine. By taking this excursion, you will be able to explore the same path that this explorer traveled in 1878 and experience her daring journey.
Type of Activity: Horseback riding or Biking
Duration: Half day, 3: 00hs
Difficulty: Low

- Market Stall: Discover how the gauchos of Patagonia live in these remote and lonely places on the planet. You will ride through the ranch, accompanied by a genuine gaucho, until you reach the “El Mercado” post, a place where the locals live and work. Be amazed by the tranquility, solitude and beauty that this place offers on the banks of the Las Chinas River.
Type of Activity: Horseback riding
Duration: Full day, 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
Difficulty: High

- Contreras de Gemita: Considered the high difficulty excursion “from the house”, this tour invites you to climb the Sierra Contreras to its summit, passing through Lengas, Yaretas and Acarreos. At the top, a 360-degree view awaits you, which includes the Sierra Baguales and the North, Central and South towers between different valleys and lakes. We will descend by the flat summit observing landscapes and extraordinary formations.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Full day, 7:00 a.m.
Difficulty: High


- Path of the Fossils: Enter the La Cumbre – Baguales Geological and Paleontological Park and walk in the middle of a landscape of high steppe. You will be able to observe and know the flora and fauna that existed in the place in the last 40 million years. Plants, mollusks, shark teeth and trunks are part of these remains that appear fossilized in the middle of canyons and cliffs. Guanacos will accompany you on this trip, where the environment is dominated by rock formations of great beauty and attraction.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Half day, 5:00 a.m.
Difficulty: High

- Laguna de Rodas & Puesto Verde: Walk through the steppe slopes until you find the quiet Laguna Rodas, protected by the cliffs of Santa Lucía. Cross a river of melt before reaching an authentic herding position in the middle of the transversal valleys and protected by imposing peaks such as the Cone or the Torreon. You will return along the banks of the Baguales River enjoying the unique landscape of the basin.
Type of Activity: Hiking
Duration: Half day, 5:00 a.m.
Difficulty: Medium

¡This is Awasi Patagonia, a paradise in the south of the continent, consult us and we will put together the perfect trip for you!
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