South Circuit In Easter Island

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Visit the essential and most important sites of Easter Island with our South Circuit tour. The sites are reached by vehicle, and we will discover the areas on foot.

A professional Easter Island guide with expert knowledge of Rapa Nui history, society and culture will take you on a journey through time around this magical island.

An incredibly advanced level of megalithic engineering was achieved by the former Rapa Nui society. The skills were refined for centuries, and the result is demonstrated on this tour, across the south coast and the east side of Rapa Nui.

This tour can be combined with our North Circuit, to see all the highlights of the Island of Easter in two days.

Easter Island Hotels
Easter Island Hotels
- Transfers to and from your hotel.
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- Entrance to the National Park
- Lunch
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- Entrance to the National Park
- Water bottle (large)
- Sunscreen
- Money for lunch / Lunch prepared
- Rain clothes
Isla de Pascua (CL)

Details of this Activity

We will go to look for you at your hotel in the morning to begin our tour along from the south coast, visiting hidden gems along the way, which have unique things to show. In our tour we can visit:

First we will go to Ahu Uri to Urenga, a unique statue as it has four hands. It is also known as the astronomer, for his orientation in front of the dawn on the winter solstice. We will continue on our way to Vinapu, where we can see Ahu Tahira, the perfectly embedded rock wall. It was designed with such skill that there are theories that establish a relationship with the possible contact with the Inca Empire. 

We will visit Hanga Pokura, a beautiful coastal area of interesting lava rock formations, the which have unique characteristics. We can find several statues buried in a strange way, being visible only the top. Here too an amazing natural phenomenon happens for almost a million years: the vent of Hanga Poukura, one of the best of Rapa Nui.

We will also visit Akahanga, which according to oral tradition was the largest village of antiquity. Here we can explore archaeological remains such as foundation blocks for houses, a small cave and a large ahu platform. Here we will have some time for lunch. You can buy something to eat here, or we suggest you bring your own lunch. 

After lunch, we will follow Rano Raraki, the volcano that provided the materials to make the gigantic megaliths. Here we can find hundreds of statues that were left when one day the workers stopped. 

Finally, we will visit the largest and most impressive monument of Rapa Nui: Ahu Tongariki. Here we can appreciate its 15 powerful mohais. After the tour, we will be returning to the hotel. 


Incredible day in Isla De Pascua
if you are traveling to Isla De Pascua you shouldn´t miss the tour . It is a unique experience!
Reviewed by Mike


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