Sendero Ecologico Bananeira In Iguazu

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Should add Shuttle round trip to the park and pay Income Brazilian thereto to access this activity.
Three daily departures.

This walk is a trail of 1.6 km, which can be made on foot or electric vehicle.
Nature lovers can stroll through small gaps, where they watched birds and lush aquatic habitats and see wildlife species native to the Iguazu National Park.
The walk connects motor boating across the upper Iguazu River, arriving at the dock for loading and unloading of black Pozo and visiting a bunker 10 meters high, with observation of the Lagoon black hole Jacare rich aquatic fauna and land.
The sequence is the archipelago of the Tacuaras Island, with the option of ducks to appreciate the scenery.
The return passes through the Port Banana or Port Canoas, always accompanied by guides.

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Things to do in Iguazu
If you are looking for what to do in Iguazu, you should consider booking the tour Sendero Ecologico Bananeira. It´ll be an experience you won´t forget!
Reviewed by Hellen
Incredible day in Iguazu
if you are traveling to Iguazu you shouldn´t miss the tour Sendero Ecologico Bananeira. It is a unique experience!
Reviewed by Mike


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