Aldea Guarani Fortín Mborore In Iguazu

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Aldea Guarani Fortín Mborore Highlights

It is a unique opportunity to make contact with the guaranies and with their ancestral culture, M´BYA GUARANIES of the Mbororé Bunker, open the doors of their community to divulge the secrets of the forest, their natural medicine, their culture, songs, dances, crafts, philosophy of life and beliefs.

It is the opportunity to discover with the guaraníes the “Spirit of the Trees”, a stroll where it is learned to walk by the interior of the Forest guided by native experts.

The stroll begins in the entrance of the village where it has been received by a “native guide” who leads to the group to traverse of footpaths by the forest which they surround and they furrow the village. During the route the native explains his beliefs, his myths, his legend as also she describes to the virtues of the medicinal plants and their uses. It introduces to the tourist in the world of its beliefs visiting the temple, located in the heart of the forest where it explains the rituals of initiation and baptism of the small ones of the tribe, soon to continue with the route that allows to see the plantations, its houses and its traps of hunting for different types from animals that used to use in ancestral times.

It finalizes the visit in a sample of crafts that they themselves daily carry out using resources with the wood, lianas, seeds etc. A unique stroll of encounter of two cultures.


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All year

3 hours

Transfer IN / OUT to and from hotels in Puerto Iguazu
Bilingual Guide (Spanish / English).

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If you are looking for what to do in Iguazu, you should consider booking the tour Aldea Guarani Fortín Mborore. It´ll be an experience you won´t forget!
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