Rincon Del Socorro

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Type: Ranches
SubType: Ranches
City: Mercedes

Rincon del Socorro stay comprises 12,000 hectares and is located within the Ibera Wetlands. It has historically been managed as a stay of livestock production until 1999, when it was acquired by The Conservation Land Trust (CLT), which has since been dedicated to protecting the environment through a team of biologists and veterinarians to develop different restoration projects and reintroduction of fauna. As a tourist enterprise, we focus on providing our guests a greater understanding of the local ecosystem and a greater appreciation of the importance of the role played by each of its natural environment and its conservation.

The house, our services and our rooms

The main house, built in 1896 by the founders of stay has been transformed and refurbished to serve today's inn. Built in classic Spanish style, the house has been completely renovated respecting the original architectural line. You can still see the interesting and original designs of this renowned house.

Guests can walk among noble trees planted in the early twentieth century, providing essential shade of this subtropical climate and, thanks to the recent restoration work, enjoy a wide collection of native plants and other classics such as azaleas and roses. The small lake next to the lodge offers an ongoing spectacle of wildlife, with capybaras, alligators friendly and thirty species of birds in residence.

Our rooms are a reflection of our personal philosophy on diversity in all things. Each room is designed and decorated in a unique way, according to their shape and location. No two rooms are alike. Our guests will be surprised with objects such as historical maps, stuffed animals and wild atypical paintings.


* Birdwatching: Socorro offers a unique opportunity to see such rare species as the strange-tailed tyrant, the yellow cardinal, the crowned eagle, and the jabiru stork, besides a great variety of birds of grassland, forest and wetlands.

* Wildlife watching: The inn is surrounded by rheas, foxes, capybaras, brocket deer, marsh deer, viscachas, and other animals, thanks to which in Socorro you can enjoy the fauna during the whole stay

* Hiking: Guided or alone, by various paths where you can easily see abundant wildlife, which is especially habituated to people thanks to years of protection

* Horseback Riding: Riding on horseback you can tour the high grasslands and the coast of the estuary, where you can appreciate different landscapes in excellent state of conservation, and abundant wildlife.

* Cycling: Rincón del Socorro has gravel and short grass roads that can easily be cycled. You can even reach the shore of the marshlands by bicycle.

* Boat Trips: You can navigate the Iberá lagoon, and enjoy nearby the “embalsados” (compacted floating vegetation), caimans, marsh deer, and a spectacular variety of birds.

* Night Safaris: Where it is possible to see viscachas, owls, wild cats, and even be surprised by an elegant maned wolf. On clear nights, the Milky Way is seen with special clarity thanks to the absence of lights and clean air.

* Cultural Visits: In the nearby Uguay spot you can share mates and fried dough with the locals, learn about their traditional way of life, and observe local crafts and fabrics.

* Rewilding Project: Socorro is the main operational center of the project. Through videos and talks with biologists and technicians of the CLT team, it is possible to experience the history of the reintroduction in Iberá.

* Sunset in the Estuary: The sunsets in Iberá are special. When the sky is not tinged with intense orange and lilac, the dense clouds threaten with rain and ignite a warm light of charm.



Nice accommodation in Esteros Del Ibera
If you are looking for a nice accommodation in Esteros Del Ibera, you should check Rincon Del Socorro. We stayed there for a couple of days and had a very great time.
Reviewed by Hellen

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