Skydive Jump

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Skydive Jump (FOZ DE IGUAZU)

Explore the Iguassu Falls from the air with an exclusive Skydive Jump

You will have the best views of the biggest falls in the world, along with its region and forest. Be amazed by the excitement and Adrenalin the Tandem Jump brings ! 
3:00 Hours
December to June
- Gratuties (optional)
- Weight: Above 95 kg the passenger will pass an evaluation of our instuctors, besides the weight will be evaluated the physical form, the height and if it practices some physical or sport activity. An extra fee of R $ 70.00 will be charged for every 10 kg that exceeds 95 kg up to the maximum limit of 115 kg.
- Health status: Good general health and not carrying any disease that prevents the jump such as: high or low pressure, heart problems, respiratory problems, eplepsia or any other that by its nature is incompatible with parachute jumping .
- Carriers of any physical deficiency: Does not prevent the jump but if it conditions it. They can jump from evaluated by an instructor / person in charge of the center.
- The jump can not be performed if you have dive or donated blood in the 24 hours before the jump.
- Minimum age 16 years: passengers between 16 and 17 years can only leave with the authorization of the parents signed in person at the center or signed before a notary.
- Clothing: Wear sporty and comfortable clothing. Footwear should be flexible, we recommend wearing sneakers.
- Climate: the realization of the activity depends on the meteorological conditions, if these are not ideal, the jump may take more time, canceled or reserved for another day.

Details of Skydive Jump

After a brief explanation of 10 minutes with one of our expert instructors, the passenger will be ready to test the excitement of flying at a speed of approximately 200 km / h. They are approximately 30 seconds of free fall plus eight minutes of navigation with the open parachute enjoying the incredible landscapes on the Itaupu Dam before the smooth landing. All with total security.
The Tandem Jump as it is known, is the first contact with skydiving and the safest way to try free fall for the first time.

In Brazil, this type of jump is practiced since more than 20 years and since then, more and more, thousands of people go out of their habitual routine to prove the sensation of flying. In this mode of sport, the passenger leaves the plane attached to a specialized instructor from a height of 8,000 to 10,000 feet (+/- 3000 meters). The two make the jump aboard a specially designed equipment for 2 people and, after free fall, the instructor navigates with the passenger in complete safety until he lands smoothly on the ground.

The jumps are made on the Itaupu Dam every day of the week from 8am until sunset.

Important information for the performance of the jump:


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