Football: Argentinians’ Passion

  Tangol 18/07/2018

In Argentina, football is much more than a sport; it is an experience that unleashes great passion and fanaticism by its fans, who bring on an amazing show in the stands.

Buenos Aires is the city with the largest number of football stadiums in the world. The stadium or “cancha”, as it is called in football jargon, is one of the main places that tourists want to visit to have a first-hand experience of the excitement that football causes in its fans.

When you enter a stadium, you will find pieces of paper falling, the crowd clapping, the arms moving, the drums, and the whistles, which accompany the rhythm of the chants. Many of these are about love, but also other feelings are unleashed. The joy of winning, the euphoria of a last-minute goal, the rage of losing, or the anger over a referee’s decision.

For those who are lucky and coincide with football fixtures, the must-see event is the “Superclásico.” This is the game between Boca Juniors and River Plate, the most popular teams in the country, which come together at least twice a year. As soon as the referee starts the match, the whole city comes to a halt. And inside the stadium, the fans vibrate to the rhythm of the ball. For more information click HERE.

With over 18 years of experience, Tangol invites you to experience football from within by offering one of the safest services to attend football matches in Argentina. Tangol offers specialized guides and tours, which include transfer and tickets to the stadium. Visiting River Plate and Boca Juniors clubs is a must that you cannot miss in your visit through Buenos Aires City. First, the tour goes to the south of Buenos Aires City to visit La Bombonera, founded in 1940 and located in La Boca iconic and colorful neighborhood. Here you can see the outdoor murals painted by artists Pérez Celis and Rómulo Macció, or the one located in the entrance hall, which was painted by Quinquela Martín. You can also enjoy a visit to the Museo de la Pasión Boquense (Boca Passion Museum), the locker rooms, and the stands.

Then, the tour goes towards the north of the city for a visit to the Monumental Stadium and all its facilities, together with its modern museum. Here you will learn about the club’s history since its foundation in 1901, its greatest stars, and the titles won. In both tours, you will be able to take the typical photo in the football field and shop in the official stores. Tangol Fútbol Experience also invites you to the Vida de Diego Armando Maradona Tour, so you can learn about the history of this iconic football player and visit the most significant places of his personal and professional life.

For those looking for a simple way of buying tickets, offers a selling service that allows you to choose the best locations and enjoy the main matches of the national and international football fixtures.

Feel like another fan on your way to the stadium:

-Eat a choripán: A typical habit is to buy an Italian sausage (chorizo) with bread (choripán, a portmanteau of the Spanish words chorizo and pan) in a grill food cart.

-Scream goals loudly: In the stands, the glorious moment when the ball hits the net is intensively experienced by spectators. You have to fill your lungs with air and scream “goooooaaaaaaal” as if it was the last shout in your life.

-Walk along the street: Grandparents, children, parents with their children, groups of friends or siblings walk along the streets towards the stadium. It is worth stopping and watching how each person experiences the ritual that is about to start.

-Learn a chant: Many of the current musical hits become great chants in the stands. This adapted versions are sung with the heart as a demonstration of loyalty to the team.

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