Sightseeings in Tucumán

Sightseeings in Tucumán (Destinations)

San Miguel de Tucumán is the capital of Tucumán Province. It is also known as El Jardín de la República because you can see flowers everywhere. San Miguel de Tucumán is located in the northeast of Argentina.

This city is chosen by tourists because of the historical and archeological sites and its different landscapes.

There are many landscapes. The tourist can enjoy mountains, planes, woods, forests, scrubs, and desert areas.

As you can see, it is possible to enjoy this city from different perspectives. But, here we are going to list some of the most important sightseeings.

El Cadillal - Celestino Gelsi Dam

The dam is 16 miles north of the city, and it is easy to get there. In this place, it is possible to practice different sports and also camping.

Celestino Gelsi Dam is a mountainous area full of beauty.

This place is home to many motor-boating festivals, exhibitions of water ski and atherine fishing.

Several sports clubs offer facilities for tourists.


It is a quiet place with an amazing beauty. It is only 34 miles away from San Miguel de Tucumán.

Its mild climate attracts many visitors.

Fishing trout in the Raco Stream and the Siambón River is one of its attractions.

This place is also famous for its cottages and estancias, which are enclosed by stone walls, where delicious cheeses are made.

Ruins of San José De Lules

This is an agricultural and industrial area. It has a municipal bathing resort and a campsite.

The ruins of the San José de Lules church are the testimony of the conquerors times in the province. At the beginning, it was a settlement of converted Indigenous people. 

The first public school of Tucumán was in this city.

Tafí del Valle

Tafí del Valle is 66 miles away from San Miguel de Tucumán. It is a magnificent valley enclosed by mountains.

Tourists will find an incomparable vegetation, subtropical wilderness and also high area forests. Depending on the season, it will be possible to admire different flowers.

One of the main attractions of this place is Los Sosa River, filled with rapids and falls. It is a great place for lovers of fishing.


It is 113 miles from San Miguel de Tucumán. The old city of Quilmes is considered the largest pre-Hispanic human settlement of Argentina. Today, its restored ruins were completed with the creation of a museum where it is possible to see many things related to pre-Hispanic times.

The ruins of the Ancient City of Quilmes is one of the most valuable archaeological sites in the country.

Amaicha Del Valle

This area is 37 miles northwest of San Miguel de Tucumán. The landscape consists of high area vegetation, wilderness-covered hills, and dry and cool weather.

This place is famous for its fine home-made regional wines, alfajores, nougat and cheese.

In Addition, in February, this town celebrates the traditional festivity of the Pachamama February. Inhabitants of the neighboring towns take part in it, and it is also one of the main attractions for tourists.

Besides its unforgettable history,  Tucumán is an area full of different landscapes.


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