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  Tangol 17/01/2019

It is one of the most idyllic places in the Province of Tucuman, located 1300 kilometers from Buenos Aires. An invitation to enjoy amazing landscapes, gastronomy, handicrafts, and museums, the city is revealed among willows, valleys, and winding roads.

Tafí del Valle is located only 107 kilometers from the capital, about 2000 meters high above sea level, and it has a very nice climate, so it can be visited all year round. Although the city experienced a big growth in the last few years and became the favorite destination for Argentinians and foreigners during the entire year, its hills still hide the mystery of their aboriginal culture. Tourists will find several options when planning their visit: walking or horseback riding across the hills; kayaking or rafting in La Angostura dam; mountain-biking along dirt roads; knowing the region’s handmade products; tasting typical meals such as the Tucuman-style filled pies (empanadas); or just walking along its streets full of history and tradition.

Some of the places you can’t miss are La Banda Jesuit Museum and Chapel, which is also home to a handicraft market and a restaurant of traditional meals; La Quebradita, an attractive 10-kilometer path ideal for walks, picnics or horseback rides, with a small hill where a statute of Christ the Redeemer lies overlooking the whole valley; and the traditional ranches where tourists may not only stay, but also learn about the cheese production process. The way back to the valley is a ride along the entire Provincial Route 325, which goes past El Pelao Hill and the sides of Muñoz, Ñuñorco, and Mala Mala Hills with beautiful mountainsides, most of them featuring pre-Columbian settlements. Another must destination for adventure lovers is Los Alisos Waterfall located in the center of Muñoz Hill. This magnificent stream of water awaits for tourists, who after a 3-hour walk, go there to fall in love with nature.

Tafí irradiates a handicraft tradition, which leaves its mark through the entire valley. Those who visit the area will find local artisans' workshops that offer their products made of wool, leather, stone, and ceramic. This tourist town offers countless gastronomic and accommodation options to suit all preferences and budgets. There are business premises and services such as banks, one hospital that serves 24 hours, and gas stations. Find out more about hotels, tours and flights with the personalized services offered by Tangol. CLICK HERE.

Two of the most important events in the area are the National Cheese Festival, which takes place in February and is a tribute to this product considered the main local symbol. A competition is held to reward the best cheese of Tafí, the best artisan cheese stand; you can watch farmyard tasks, taming and roping; and in the evening, you can enjoy different shows by provincial and national folk music artists. The Life and Passion of the God-Man performance during Holy Week is also a must event of this town, attended by more than 30,000 people.

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