Paragliding In Tucuman

  Tangol 13/03/2018

Close to San Miguel de Tucumán is San Javier Mount. In this place, the warm air currents invite you to unforgettable flights. Loma Bola is one of the best places in South America for paragliding, and it is not necessary to have experience. This place is for experts, amateurs, and beginners.

There is a flight for tourists. It is at a double-seater, and you will be accompanied by trained instructors. The flight time depends on weather conditions, but it takes from 15 to 45 minutes.

Loma Bola is an ideal place to take off for this practice due to its geographical location and excellent weather conditions that allow flying all year round with great safety. Many flight schools operate in Loma Bola. In addition, this site hosts national and international meetings of the specialty.

When you arrive at Loma Bola, the first thing that you can see are many instructors preparing their equipment, and people getting ready for the flight.

When you contact the instructor, he will show you the paraglide and the instruments. The paraglide has something similar to two armchairs. The pilot goes in the rear and leaves the passenger in front of him. The instructor will give you some indications such as the importance of running at the moment of taking off and how to be calm during the journey.

When you took off, the calm begins. First, the instructor will do a short reconnaissance tour.

Second, in a more relaxed state, you will enjoy the green of the trees and the color of the sky. Far away, you can see the city showing its usual haze.

You can also see other paragliders in the sky, and the show is wonderful. The sky fills with colors.

Finally, you will be headed towards a landing field in the plain by the instructor. 

This is an experience that many people do, and they ask to repeat it almost immediately.

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