Estancias: the best option to get to know the Argentine countryside

  Julieta Fraguío 29/07/2019

The rooms of the Province of Buenos Aires are the best excuse to taste our most exquisite meat, participate in a gaucho party or know the historical spaces of the national culture.

A picnic usually includes regional empanadas, wine, roast and snack with sweet cupcakes. You can also see Creole skill shows such as ring races and folk dance ensembles.

Do not forget the wonderful regional products on offer: cheeses, salamin, homemade sausages, chopped olives and dried fruits.

Other options include knowing the different historical places of the towns where they are located. In San Antonio de Areco you can visit the Main Square, the Old Bridge, the Family Museum, the Pulpería or the adobe Ranch. You can also buy silver crafts.

For those looking to relax, many rooms include spa services such as hot springs, sauna, whirlpools, heated swimming pools and mud treatments. Ideal for recharging energies.

There are also activities for children: pool, ping pong, horseback riding, swimming pools and soccer fields. And for the biggest, golf tournaments are organized.

That is why when thinking about resting, eating or soaking a little more of the national culture, the stays should be the first choice.

Tangol offers you the best tours of stays in Buenos Aires. 

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