Estancias: the best option to get to know the argentine countryside

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  Julieta Fraguío 29/07/2019

Estancias are an excellent alternative near the city to spend the day outdoors or stay in a rural environment. We leave you 7 options less than 200 kilometers from the Buenos Aires city in which you can enjoy a country day or spend a night in contact with nature accompanied by traditional Argentine food, facilities complete with pools, soccer fields and polo. 

In addition, you will be able to see  shows of Creole skill, the famous gaucho partywitness ring races and folk dances.  There are also   activities for the little ones: pool, ping pong, horseback riding accompanied by gauchos and much more.

El Ombú de Areco

The historical estancia El Ombú, is located in San Antonio de Areco, 120 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires. It has a magnificent co  helmet from 1880, belonging to the Boelcke family since 1934. 

If you are interested in resting for a few days, they have  12 magnificent rooms, a living room and a restaurant to try delicious breakfasts and typical meals. Also, if you go with kids, they have a game room, two swimming pools, soccer and volleyball courts. 

Among the activities offered are the horseback riding, the sulky or carriage rides, the folkloric shows with music and dance, the demonstrations of Indian dressage or herd management, walks, bicycle rides, sightings of birds and farm animals.  

You also have the option to go just for a day of field, to explore and discover in depth the 300 hectares  mostly dedicated to raising cattle (Hereford and Aberdeen Angus), you can choose one of the 38 horses that make up horseback riding and do a long ride or use the sulkys. 

Depending on the time of the year, you can see and participate in the different farm activities: milking, harnessing, vaccination, signs, dehorning, markings.  Other recreational activities that can be done during the day are:  swimming pool with solarium, table tennis, foosball, billiards, soccer and volleyball court, bike rides, tennis and golf in a country club 8 kilometers from the ranch.

If you decide to spend the day in the country, you are going to try a delicious barbecue, watch music shows, folk dances and also tests of Creole skills.

Don Silvano

Just  one hour from the Federal Capital in Capilla del Señor, the Don Silvano Ranch. An excellent combination of nature with gastronomy and typical field activities. In addition,  it has rooms   and excellent facilities to spend several days.

You can  savor exquisite asados accompanied by wines and empanadas, watch singing and dance shows with demonstrations of Creole skills and also go horseback riding. 

Don Silvano, has a museum and has activities together with the gauchos: milking the cows, rides in a carriage or tractor, ring races, gentleness of horses and vareo de tropilla.

We recommend that you try making homemade breads and cakes in the afternoons. They are very tasty!

La Candelaria

With more than 180 years of history it is one of the great castles of our pampas,  it is located in Lobos,  1 hour and 30 minutes by car from  the city

The stay offers the  possibility of staying in their Colonial rooms, bungalows or castle suites. They are all spectacular!  In addition, you can use all the facilities surrounded by more than 240 species of trees, there are polo fields, stables, pools, a restaurant and multiple rest areas. If you want to delve into Argentine customs, they have delicious menus with   the best cuts of meat , and accompaniments such as empanadas and salads. They also have a  vegetarian menu   and for fans of sweets, in the afternoon they serve   tea, mate with delicious pastries, breads and pastries.

The unmissable moments in the estancia Candelaria are, the excursion through the countryside, horseback riding and the traditional folklore show.

Santa Susana

The stay is in the party of  Campana, near the town of Los Cardales in  Province of Buenos Aires, you can get there easily by car by highway or by hiring a  day tour with pick up  from a hotel. 

For more than 30 years they have been dedicated to tourism and agricultural exploitation   of their lands . In this space of more than  1200 hectares , you will be able to enjoy the main traditional foods and drinks, tango shows, folklore, the  Gaucho Party,  horseback riding , ring races and carriage rides.

They have vegetarian menus and typical country snacks with cooked mate, cakes and fried cakes. Not to be missed!  

La Porteña

Make  a field day at estancia La Porteña, is an excellent option to do activities in the countryside, relax and take advantage of a tour  San Antonio de Areco, one of the most chosen cities in Buenos Aires to walk around and learn about rural customs.

This ranch is the oldest in the area, it was declared  National Historic Monument  for its intact Argentine Creole style architectural preservation. Great national personalities also passed by, such as the writer  Ricardo Güiraldes , author of one of the top works of Argentine and Latin American literature: “Don Segundo Sombra”. 

On the field day you will see the different landscapes, enjoy rural traditions, savor the food and drinks of the region:  Asado, empanadas, vegetables, wines, beers, cakes, alfajores, pastries and mates.  Everything is included , as well as excursions through the historic center of the estancia, guided horseback riding, carriage rides, guitar playing folkloric, the demonstration of Creole skills, the visit to the field animals and all the facilities: swimming pool, playroom, games for children, bicycles, soccer and volleyball fields. 

La Bandada

It is located in  San Miguel del Monte , in a natural environment and surrounded by birdlife.  The activities that stand out the most are the guided walks by the estancia La Bandada and the horseback rides. They also offer a delicious regional meal with empanadas, asado and por the afternoon, a traditional Pampean tea.

The room has five rooms   to stay one or more nights, the rooms have a very fine decoration and country style overlooking the beautiful gardens. 

If you want to add  additional activities to your day, live music shows of 30 minutes are offered accompanied by guitar and bass drum, or typical dances, where the chaca is performed rera, zamba, malambo and boleadoras skills. 


Towards the north of Buenos Aires  surrounded by the Carapachay river and natural landscapes, you have the option of the  half-field day in Tigre in Deltaventura. The excursion begins by gathering people at the meeting point at the  "Domingo Sarmiento Fluvial Station", where a collective boat   leaves for the reserve. Once there you have at your disposal all the facilities of the property:  Paraguayan hammocks, lounge chairs, soccer and volleyball court, sandy beach, dock, and also a ping pong table, foosball, games for children, and a covered barbecue area. 

At noon you will enjoy a  barbecue complete with salads and dessert.  For those who do not want meat, they have a menu of pastas.  After lunch there are several activities: horseback riding, boating, hiking, zip-lining or going out biking. 


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