Top circuits of streets with bikeways in Buenos Aires

  Julieta Fraguío 07/07/2020

The city has a very wide offer of places to ride a bicycle, there are more than 1000 blocks of bicycle lanes. And other roads that you cannot stop to do in the north of the Province of Buenos Aires. And also, you can rent bicycles very easily for 5 or 24 hours.

These are the circuits that you are going to love doing, if you are interested in pedaling at full speed and train full in closed spaces:

Puerto Madero 

The best thing about this area is that the streets are in very good condition and are completely flat, it is the safest part of the city and also, you are surrounded by restaurants and bars , where you can stop to have a cold beer while enjoying the view of the levees and the city porteña. 

It is also worth spending time going through the inner streets to see the design premises and the tallest and most modern buildings in Buenos Aires. In addition, you will find the famous Puente de la Mujer , the dikes, the Presidente Sarmiento Frigate, the Fortabat Museum and several very nice parks, such as Micaela Bastidas .  

After the tour of the Puerto Madero neighborhood, be sure to head towards the Costanera Sur, where is the Ecological Reserve. It is a natural area of 360 hectares, you can do four different circuits, ranging from 2 to 8 kilometers and always with a beautiful view of the Río de La Plata. The times to visit it are from Tuesday to Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm from April to October. And Tuesday to Sunday from 8 am to 7 pm from November to March. Mondays and rainy days is closed. 

When you leave the reservation ecological towards the waterfront, be sure to try in the street stalls that are located every 50 meters, the classic choripán or lemon bondiola. It is a must-see on the circuit!

If you are interested in getting to know Buenos Aires in a different and fun way, this is the bike tour of the city's historic districts. It is a excursion through the neighborhoods of Puerto Madero, San Telmo and La Boca. It is with guides and you will learn more about the history, architecture and culture of each place.

Costanera Norte

The route along the Costanera Norte is about 5 kilometers and you will be able to cover it all by a bike path that is ta on the sidewalk to avoid heavy traffic on the avenue. It is a quiet circuit overlooking the river and Jorge Newbery Airport, where you will continuously see planes landing and taking off. 

The bike route starts at Sarmiento Avenue and ends at the Parque de la Memoria, Güiraldes Avenue. There are benches to rest, drinking fountains and bicycle racks. You can visit the Fishermen's Club, the Aeroparque runway, the new area designed for extreme sports, and the "cartitos" (foodtrucks local version) for eating choripanes, hamburgers and bondiola sandwiches (pork). This area you can visit during the day at any time, at night it is preferable to avoid it because it is more solitary. On Saturdays and Sundays, you have to be careful because there are usually a lot of people circulating.


Following the cycle path from Puerto Madero and Costanera you will arrive at Leandro Avenue Alem and Libertador, in the Retiro neighborhood. It is the nerve center of the city. There is an important financial and residential center at the same time. 

This is the Retiro Station , many say it is one of the most beautiful train stations in the world. Also during the walk you will find the Plaza San Martín and the Torre de los Ingleses, the gift that Great Britain gave Argentina for its 100 years. Be sure to visit the Kavanagh Building, the Palacio San Martín, the Círculo Militar and the Arroyo Street, the most chic in the city.


It is the most elegant neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Among its attractions are the Carlos Thays Park, a green space where you can see works by different plastic artists such as Marta Minujín and Fernando Botero. Another point where it is worth stopping is at the Faculty of Law, founded in 1821 and occupying an area of 40 thousand square meters. 

Continuing along the bike path that runs along Figueroa Alcorta Avenue, you will see Floralis Generica, an imposing sculpture of stainless steel and aluminum 20 meters high, located in the center of the United Nations square, and which was donated to the City of Buenos Aires by its author, the Argentine architect Eduardo Catalano. Its name is in homage to all the flowers and tries to reflect the dynamism of our time.

It is worth entering the Recoleta Cemetery, the most visited in the city for its numerous and imposing mausoleums and vaults of political leaders, presidents of the Nation, writers, Nobel Laureates and athletes.

Another of the famous streets in the neighborhood is Montevideo. It has a bike path that runs from Avenida Libertador to Santa Fe. It is the most sophisticated of all, almost like pedaling in Paris. The bike path passes half a block from the Patio Bullrich and passes through petit hotels, palaces, embassies and very elegant shops. The only downside to this ride is that it is a sloping street which requires skill in handling, but it is very fun do not stop doing it. If the route seems short, you can also take the Arenales bike path, longer and just as glamorous. The streets of Recoleta are ideal for pedaling at any time of the day. It also has typical cafes and restaurants with bicycle racks, to leave it locked and enjoy a delicious meal. 


It is the coolest neighborhood in the city and the preferred ride area for cyclists because there are bike paths throughout the route. If you move through Gorriti, Serrano, Julián Alvarez streets and the surroundings of Palermo Soho and Hollywood, you will find design shops, fashion stores, antique houses, art galleries and hundreds of Modern, charming little bars that are bicifriendly, offer discounts and free parking for those arriving on two wheels. 

Surely you share the ride with cyclists on modern and neat bikes , some with a lot of vibes. Those who travel this route are usually designers, producers, journalists and photographers. This route gets good at sunset, even if it is the busiest time. If you prefer to bike in peace and not do social, then, better in the morning. 

Another option in Palermo is to visit Figueroa Alcorta Avenue and Libertador Avenue, where you will find the longest bike path. They are more than 12 kilometers and reaches the north of Buenos Aires. Go through the most beautiful and green part of the city, where you will find the Bosques de Palermo. There are four circuits from 2 to 8 kilometers to do on bike paths and you will be able to see the Japanese Garden, the Palermo Hippodrome, the lakes, the Rosedal, the Planetarium, the Monument to the Spanish at the junction with Sarmiento and the Monumental stadium of River Plate. 

A different way of knowing in a sustainable way the history, parks and large French-style palaces in Buenos Aires is by doing the Bike Tour, is a group excursion and with guides, you will be able to tour in a different and fun way, the most important neighborhoods in the north of the city.

North Zone

There are several routes to do and in most of them are on quiet streets and bike paths and nearby sa the coast of the Río de La Plata. You can start at the Paseo de la Costa in Vicente López, along the Raúl Alfonsín boulevard it is approximately three kilometers until It ends and you are going to go to Avenida del Libertador, where there are several food, clothing and bars. On weekends there are quite a few people who take advantage of shopping and eating something delicious. 

If you continue straight on this avenue you will to be able to take any of the streets and pedal along the river walk to the Tren de la Costa station where the bike that goes alongside is an excellent ride that can take you about 30 minutes. If you want to do a longer circuit you can use this same path of the river walk that goes from La Lucila to Tigre and is 19 kilometers. At a calm pace it is easy, it is all along bike lanes and also, you have some landscapes to take the best photos.

There is a bicycle tour that I recommend adding it to your bicycle tour itinerary because you will be able to discover several places in this region that if you do not know very well, it may be more difficult to find them. The Bicycle Tour to Tigre and San Isidro takes you north along the shady roads, visiting some museums, ports, monuments and markets. Always accompanied by bilingual guides who throughout the day will tell you the history and culture of these places.

Closed Circuits

There are places in the city where you can go pedaling at strong rhythms without the interruption of traffic lights and people that can get in the way. They are ideal if you are looking to train on road bikes or mountain bikes.  

Manuel Belgrano Park (ex KDT)

It is the favorite circuit for all amateur and professional cyclists on the road and in the mountains who live in the city. It has a 1200 meter track, there are also up and down sectors. The entrance to the park has a value of $ 40. There are bicycle rentals, parking, games for children and swimming pools. It is around the corner from Shopping Paseo Alcorta at Salguero 3450, Palermo.

Parque Sarmiento

A path of more than 1000 meters It surrounds the entire park and gives you the possibility to go at the speed you want without anything or anyone interrupting you. Training squads are usually set up from Monday to Friday starting at 5 pm and on weekends in the morning. In addition, they let you join the groups to add more demand to your trainning. It is located in the street Ricardo Balbín 4750, in Saavedra. The entrance has a value of $ 30 and there are several sports facilities, bathrooms and parking.

Free Pedal Groups

If you are interested in pedaling with other cyclists, there are several groups that may interest you in the city and in the north of the province of Buenos Aires:

Bicicletas improvisadas. Urban and cycling tours in the Federal Capital and surroundings of Buenos Aires. 

Critical Mass in Buenos Aires. The first Sunday of each month at 4 pm from the Obelisk group departure through the main areas of the city.   

Bike Up. Free departures around the city from Palermo. Wednesdays at 7:50 pm from Gurruchaga 1519. And at 8:20 pm from Avenida del Libertador and Salguero. Three groups are assembled according to the pedaling speed. 

Open Institute for the Development and Study of Public Policies. Pedaled by San Isidro. The meetings are the first Saturdays of each month at 4 pm from the Ciudad Activa Cultural Center, Edison 1024.

Amigos del Pedal. Night outings organized on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Capital. On Saturdays there are approximately 50 kilometers of filming and on Sundays bicycle touring.  

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