Things to do in Piriápolis

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  Tangol 05/03/2018

The main characteristic of Piriápolis is its old hotel and beachfront promenade. This place is similar to Punta del Este but quieter.

Piriápolis is reminiscent of a Mediterranean beach town, and it also has a certain old-school coastal resort charm.

This place was developed for tourism by the Uruguayan entrepreneur Francisco Piria, who built the Argentino hotel and the Castillo de Piria.

The action happens between the avenue Artigas and the Avenue Piria. The surrounding areas are interesting and include the two highest summits of Uruguay.

Castle Piria

This place, built by Francisco Piria, was his hillside residence.

The castle looks down over the seaside town. Its architecture is impressive. The castle, inspired by the beauty of the French Riviera, is amazing.

The road to get the castle is filled with palm trees, shipped from the Canary Islands. It has sturdy towers and robust symmetry.

In the entrance, there are two statues of Greek gods, crafted by Tomaso Airaghi. You also have to appreciate the templar flags waving and the esoteric symbols in the bricks.

The ground floor is open to the public as well as the guests’ rooms and the kitchen.

The views from the windows are amazing.

Piriápolis Beach

Its golden sand, inviting water and beautiful sunsets make this beach one of the main attractions.

It is at the center of the historic town of Piriápolis, and it has stunning coastal scenery.

During summer, its waters are ideal for cooling off on a warm day. Along the beach are stands that arrange watersports activities and rent equipment. It means that you are going to enjoy Jet Skiing or windsurfing. This place is ideal for family time.

Finally, at the southern edge of the beach, there is a sports zone. There, you will find soccer fields and volleyball courts.

Walking by Rambla de los Argentinos, you will arrive at the chairlifts. You can take one and go up to Cerro San Antonio to enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Candelaria Church

This church, inaugurated in the 1900s, is decorated with an interesting collection of religious artwork and icons.

This beautiful church honors the Virgin of Candelaria and is one of the most important places of worship.

The church has an elegant design. The colors of its façade are blue sky and white. Inside the church, the nave has many whitewashes arches and pillars.  The colorful mosaic floor tiles and the portrayals of the Stations of the Cross are astonishing.

Enter to appreciates the serene atmosphere and reflect quietly as other worshippers.

Piriápolis is a special and particular place. You have to visit to be enchanted by its beaches, mountains and history.


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