Colonia, portuguese heart in Uruguay

Colonia, portuguese heart in Uruguay (Destinations)

Colonia del Sacramento in southwestern Uruguay. known as Colonia. It is located on north left bank of Río de la Plata, 177 kilometers from Montevideo and 50 kilómetros from the coast of Buenos Aires, Argentina, (in a straight line).

Its old quarter, historic neighborhood comprising 12 hectares of the western end of the city, was declared a World Heritage Site in 1995, illustrating successful fusion of Portuguese, Spanish and post-colonial styles. It is characterized by its narrow stone streets, which highlight its military tradition.

In January 1680 the Portuguese arrived at the mouth of the Río de la Plata. Manuel Lobo founded the Nova Colônia do Santíssimo Sacramento which was the first European settlement and the first and oldest city in Uruguay.

Everyone who goes to Colonia should start their tour visiting the Historic Quarter with cobblestone streets surrounded by buildings dating back to the time when it was a Portuguese settlement. Calle de los Suspiros, which is one of the must-see promenades in Colonia, as well as the historic district where Colonia del Sacramento Lighthouse dates from 19th century, with panoramic views to Plata river. Closets yo the Lighthouse is the Portón de Campo, Stone gate and wooden 1745 drawbridge in a fortress leading to a historic district. It is a beautiful drawbrige as every place un Colonia.


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