Cabo Polonio: A Place Without Electricity and Running Water

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  Tangol 05/03/2018

This village, located in the Northern area of Uruguay, is a paradise. It is one of the most visited swimming places due to its quietness beaches; in other words, it is the perfect place to rest.

One of its particular characteristics is that the houses do not have electricity or running water. So, the tasks of the locals depend on the sunlight.

Only a handful of businesses and houses have generators or solar panels or use wind power to light them, but most people do not have electricity. Freshwater is obtained from well or by collecting rainwater. 

At the outermost point, stands a lighthouse looking out over the islands where a large colony of sea lions lives. The lighthouse is the only structure that is connected to the power grid.

Close to Cabo Polonio, there are three beautiful islands: La Encantada, El Islote, and La Rasa. These islands are the home of a colony of sea lions. This place has one of the largest sea lion colonies in South America. And you can observe it from the top of the lighthouse.

In winter, the weather is cold and in summer is very warm. So, the ideal season to visit this cape is during spring.
If you want to visit its beaches, you have to be a little bit adventurous because you have to walk on the sand for almost six kilometers or you may get a special truck or rent a horse to ride.

In the beginning, Cabo Polonio was a small fishermen village that turned into a tourist site. This small town has everything to provide a good stay.

The wide and warm beaches, the Cabo Polonio lighthouse, and the local handicrafts stands are the place to spend the day.

At nights, the town is illuminated with candles and street lamps because there is no electricity. 

Nowadays, there is a cell phone service and internet service, but Cabo Polonio still remains off the power grid. 
The only place to charge a cell phone is in the main grocery store because it has a generator; in fact, lack of electricity is one of the biggest complaints of the residents.

Cabo Polonio is one of those sites that charms and relaxes the soul of those who visit it. This place provides a unique opportunity to escape the hubbubs of modern life. 


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