6 cool Glamping options near Buenos Aires

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  Micaela Lujan 28/06/2016

Glamping is a trend that was installed several years ago and today it is all the rage. You may have already heard this famous word but if you still have some doubts, we will tell you a little more.

What is it about? Glamping is the combination of two words (glamor + camping) and is totally related to the activity of camping in tents or domes with all the luxuries of a hotel along with caring for the environment.

This alternative tourism option with all the comforts is ideal to enjoy original vacations and/or getaways where, in turn, you can get closer to nature, sleep among trees, observe starry skies and disconnect.

We leave you a list of 7 cool Glamping options near Buenos Aires for you to know:

Saimon’s Glamping

It is located in Villa Rosa at 57.6 kilometers from Buenos Aires and offers accommodation with breakfast included. The domes of Saimon's have private bathroom, hot/cold air conditioning, dishes and minibar. In turn, they are divided into two categories: 

- Dome "Higuera": It has a maximum capacity of 2 people and it is ideal for couples. It has an area of 4 km in diameter and has an outdoor space with a deck terrace.

- Dome "Fresno" : It is a dome room + living room with a capacity for 4 people and has an access ramp for wheelchairs and an accessible private bathroom. 

In addition, they offer additional services such as massages, yoga, archery and reflexology.

Glamping de Saimon is a rural property with beautiful views of the countryside and all the tranquility that nature can give you. For hot days the complex has an outdoor pool along with a deck for sunbathing. Stoves are also lit at the end of the day to enjoy the night and the starry sky, while accompanying the moment with a delicious meal or a glass of wine.

If you are one of those who likes to do outdoor activities, the area is ideal for going for a walk. Outside the Saimon estate, the streets are dirt and very quiet, since there is little traffic. The streets are surrounded by other farms and houses with very beautiful groves.

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Refugio 31

Located in Tigre and specifically 32.2 kilometers from Buenos Aires, Refugio 31 is a great refuge on the banks of the Delta with a simple architecture and is made up of tent-style rooms. 

They offer natural food from producers local and have a community garden available.

The environment has a very artistic decoration and offers water activities, massages, fireplaces during the night and events such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays can be organized.

It is ideal for groups of friends and families. Also for those seeking contact with nature and the possibility of diving into the water and doing different water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking or rowing (all equipment is rented on site). In the Refugio 31 area you can also fish in the lateral channels, which are calmer waters (Rods are ordered locally at an additional cost).

If you want to explore the Delta area, you can hire boat or sailboat rides.

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Domos Tandil

Located in Tandil and 356 kilometers from Buenos Aires, Domos is a complex consisting of three dome-style cabins and a house main with a recreation area and a swimming pool. All of them have hot water 24 hours, lighting on the premises and grills.

The objective of this place is to offer the ecofriendly experience, surrounded by landscapes and mountain environments, in the most comfortable and innovative way. The only request is to bring your own sleeping bag! The domes are in the middle of the mountains and due to their location they offer the possibility of going on foot to the main tourist sites (5 kilometers) such as the Dique del Fuerte, the Tandil waterfall, the Lago del Fuerte and the Parque Independencia.

As complementary services, they offer various adventure activities such as rock climbing, trekking, rappelling, rafting and fire pits. In addition, mountainbike bicycles are offered on the same premises to go out on the trails and be able to walk around the city.

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Refugio Natural Glamping

118 kilometers from Capital Federal in the city of Lobos, Refuge is a 16-hectare property with 600 meters of coastline and a forest that gives you full contact with nature. 

There they offer different categories of tents according to the preferences of each traveler:

- Glamping Premium: Equipped with a 2-seater box spring, bedside tables, air conditioning , secretary, minibar, bedding, rustic living room and lights. It is ideal for couples and romantic night plans.

- Glamping Grand Confort: It has a capacity for 6 people and is equipped with mattresses 1 and 2-seater, bedding, lights and rustic living room.

- Glamping Confort Bosque: Equipped with 1-seater mattresses , bedding, lights and rustic living room, it has a capacity for 4 people. 

- Glamping Confort Laguna: Equipped with 1 square mattresses, bedding, lights and rustic living room, it has a capacity for 4 people.

- Glamping Standard: It has a capacity for 4 people and has 4 sleeping bags, insulation, cushions and led solar lights (if you prefer, you can bring your own inflatable mattress)

All categories include breakfast.

In turn, Refugio offers different recreational activities such as Yoga, horseback riding, fishing, kite surfing, kayaking and a calendar of events where guest DJs, live bands and artists visit the venue. 

As for gastronomy, it has a brewery which has snacks, empanadas, hamburgers and pizzas made in the clay oven to accompany good beers.

It is open Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 8 AM to 00 AM. 

The plus of this space is the beautiful view of the Laguna de Lobos. 

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"Art ALTERS souls" is his headline because this space was originally an art gallery and then in 2011, it was transformed to expand its operation to Glamping, where nature + art is combined. 

Located in Pinamar and 356 kilometers from Buenos Aires, Alterra offers ateliers suites and ecological apartments: 

- Ateliers: are on the ground It comes down from the main building and depending on the choices, it can be for 2 or 4 people. These spaces are ideal for artists who seek to be inspired by their own projects.

- Ecological apartments: These are containers converted into sustainable housing, designed to generate the least possible impact on the environment. In 2 containers a living room, a kitchen-dining room, a bathroom and a bedroom are distributed. Both have thermal insulation, LED lighting and hermetic locks to preserve cooling and heating. You can choose between apartments for 2, 4 or 5 people. 

On the other hand, it offers a heated pool in the middle of the forest and breakfast during the stay.

- Breakfast at ateliers: served in the tea house from 9 AM to 11 AM and includes coffee, milk, bran bread, toast, artisanal sweet, white cheese and orange juice. 

- Breakfast in departments: the cupboard in each department is equipped with tea, coffee, long life milk, sweeteners and sugar . Every day the staff reaches each space for croissants, scones, and breads. Served at 9 AM.   

If you want to combine your glamping days with the beach, Alterra is only 1 kilometer from the sea. The complex also has an outdoor swimming pool.

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La Selva Glamping

It is located in Tigre and 32.2 kilometers from Buenos Aires. To get to La Selva you have to take a collective boat that leaves from the Fluvial station de Tigre. (Diagonally with the Miter train station) it is a beautiful route where the waters are calming as you go up the Capitán River. Here, you navigate the Tigre River, a mini section of the Luján River, Sarmiento River and then Capitán until you reach Segunda Hermana. 

They offer 2 independent domes in a very remote area and in full contact with nature. Both are equipped with their own entrance from the stream with its dock and private park. Includes sheets and feather covers, heaters, fan, private use of the facilities and the canoe with lifeguards.

On each private dock there is a shower available to cool off and a canoe so you can take a walk along the stream, go to the grocery store or fish nearby.

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