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  Tangol 09/03/2018

Calamuchita Valley is 80 kilometers south of Cordoba. This area is known for its rich history, blue valley, and big lakes. 

It is an ideal place for ecotourism due to its wonderful landscapes of forests and mountains. Tourists can see the flora and fauna of the zone.

Its rivers and lakes are the perfect locations to practice water sports such as windsurfing, fishing, and diving. Its mountains allow practicing mountaineering, mountain bike, paragliding, and horseback riding.

This valley is complete in terms of tourism infrastructure; it means that this place has all the services, even spectacular restaurants.

In Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, there are amazing places for lunchtime or dinner. Here, it is possible to enjoy typical dishes or signature cuisine.

In recent years, the cuisine of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita has been embellished; in fact, it is one of the best in the country. It has incorporated into its typical regional dishes different creole and indigenous recipes. 

La Vaquita, a place close to the paradise

This small restaurant opened with a capacity of thirty guests in 2000. For their owners, it is the exact number that they can attend in order to provide an excellent service. Its aesthetics, outside and inside, is typical of a field store.  Enter to observe the indescribable variety of cheeses, cold meats, sweets and homemade sausages, all from the zone.

The restaurant has a varied wine cellar, and it has wines from all regions of the country. This place offers the advice of an expert sommelier that helps people to choose wine for each situation and time.

But the main attraction is the variety and quality of the dishes. The cold meats and mozzarellas are impossible to describe with words. Other dishes like Beef, chicken, pork and rabbit meat with local mushrooms and sauces are full of flavors. Kneaded Pasta at the moment the client asks for them is another option. And, it is impossible not to mention the desserts.

The owner is a family business that still retains its essence. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the country.

The Pulpería de los Ferreyra, a classic of Santa Rosa

The Pulpería de los Ferreyra, located in front of the Old Chapel, is in the heart of the city. In 1992, this gastronomic space came to life. The time has passed but the willingness and commitment of its owners to delight their guests remain intact. The beauty of its architecture, its patio, and galleries surrounding the impressive restaurant invite to the reunion of family and friends in pleasant after-hours.

Its special decoration includes waiters dressed as the typical gaucho. So, the Pulpería de los Ferreyra is a true temple of the Argentinean tradition.


Food is excellent. Locro, humita, empanadas, , cabrito, trout, pacú, homemade pasta and the puchero criollo are some of the specialties. The place also counts with a select cellar, which has the best wines of the country and even with famous international labels.

El Águila, a place with its own view

A few meters from one of the entrances to the city of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita is the exclusive restaurant called El Águila, whose name is related to the geography. This restaurant has one of the best views of the Cerro Champaquí, which is considered the custodian of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita.

It is a spectacular place to have lunch or dinner with friends. The tables of cheeses and cold meats made with products from the area are ideal. The specialty is the typical Swiss cheese fondue. The craft beers and the food make feel the visitor in a different place.

The panoramic view from here of the entire city is simply indescribable.

All colors, flavors, and sensations are wating for you in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita.


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