The National Museum of Fine Arts es a unique cultural experience in Santiago de Chile

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  Tangol 06/08/2018

The National Museum of Fine Arts is a main center for dissemination of visual arts in Chile.  Founded on September 18, 1880, under the name National Museum of Paintings, it is the first art museum in Latin America. Since 1910 it has occupied a building located in Forest Park, at Santiago city.  The Palace of Fine Arts is a Chilean architect Emile Jéquier work and it was built to commemorate the country's centenary, it was declared a Historic Monument in 1976.

The museum has an artistic heritage made up of more than 3000 pieces, acquired through purchases, donations and prizes from official salons. It has the main selection of Chilean sculpture in the country and the second most complete national painting collection in the nation after the Casa del Arte, or Pinacoteca de la Universidad de Concepción. The museum's preserved works cover the country's artistic production since the colonial era, as well as preserving nuclei of universal art, highlighting its collections of Spanish, Flemish and Italian paintings, its collection of kakemonos and engravings, its collections of drawings and photographs, and a set of African sculptures.

It has a specialized library in visual arts that has approximately 100,000 volumes, 7  temporary and itinerant exhibitions maintain an educational program, with workshops, courses and guided tours, and produces informative material.

The museum has a small shop on the right side of the main entrance. A good option for those looking for a souvenir, books or materials with more information about the artworks. Guided tours are available only in Spanish, and as well as the museum´s admission, are free. Tours last 45 minutes and follow the schedule: Tuesday to Friday begin at 10:30 hr, 11:30hr, 12:30 hr, 15:30 hr and 16:30hr. On Saturdays and Sundays there is an additional tour starting at 17:30hr. Its opening hours are from 10:00 hr to 18:45hr. Chile's National fine Arts Museum closes for maintenance every Monday of the year and on Chilean national holidays.

Unique experience, stunning architectural beauty. Do not miss visiting.


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