Iquitos: The Amazon Area Of Peru

  Tangol 01/02/2018

This place is a city that cannot be reached by road. It is within the isolated Northern  Amazon Area of Peru. If you want to visit Iquitos you have to take a plane or a boat.

If you are an adventurer you will take a boat along the Amazon River, it is a slow trip, but you will be in touch with the amazing landscapes. However, many tourists prefer to take a flight and landing at Francisco Vignetta Airport.

Iquitos is the perfect place to explore the rainforest of Peru. Once in Iquitos, you will be immersed in an adventure, where you can visit a lake, go on a boat safari to see caimans or catfishes, go on a night-walk to see huge frogs, or hike through the jungle.

If you take a boat trip to Lake Sapote, it will be possible to see different birds. And, later you can go to Moena Lagoon, a place where you can see sloths, monkeys, squirrels and dusky titi monkeys.

At night, you can take another boat trip, but this time it will be a little bit dangerous because you will see caimans, mammals, and nocturnal birds.

Here, you can taste the water contained within the vines of the cat's claw plant.

In the middle of this place, you will also see the smallest monkey in the world, the pygmy marmoset, and tamarin monkeys. But, the most impressive animal is the howler monkey, whose deafening roar can be heard many miles away.

Fishing is another pleasant activity; you can take a boat trip to the Lakes Purura and Corrientes and catch different kinds of fishes including piranhas.

You can also hike the surrounding area with a guide. This walk allows appreciating flora and fauna of this amazing place and some villages like San Juan de Yanayacu.

But, the most magical activity is swimming with pink and gray dolphins in the Amazon River.

Iquitos is a place for braves, adventurers and nature lovers. 

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