7 restaurants to eat sushi in Buenos Aires

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  Catalina Deguer 23/05/2022

The Asian flavors have always been well received among the people of Buenos Aires. Despite the fact that many in Argentina regard fish with suspicion, sushi managed to become the favorite dish of many. And there are more and more options in the City to try it.

From restaurants specialized in rolls to others that offer numerous proposals on their menu. Here are 7 places to eat sushi of different styles. With Peruvian fusion, traditional and others created especially for the Argentine palate. 

Japanese garden

It is also part of the Bosques de Palermo, is a family outing that exposes all the beauty of the Asian country. Small ponds with colorful carp are crossed by typical Japanese bridges. 

Different characteristic activities are organized there, such as an origami workshop, classical dance shows and martial arts. It has a typical Japanese food restaurant.

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Coastal January

The name of the place refers to the month of the year synonymous with enjoyment and carefree. And that is what you want to convey. Not only with its flavors, but also with its space facing the river, full of vegetation and an outdoor space.

The proposal gastronomy is, in essence, a journey through different cuisines of the world. Initially, she was advised by the chef Quique Yafuso and today she is in charge of the Colombian chef Diego Hernández Olave, who has 20 years of experience with a long journey through different Latin American countries.

For sushi fans, they added a Sushi Omakase bar from Tuesday to Saturday where the house sushiman prepares tables. It should be noted that the sushi bar includes pieces without fish and vegan options. 

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This place is ideal for those who like to try plant-based dishes. The gastronomic menu was designed by the American chef Matthew Kenney, a world leader in plant-based cuisine.
This place has two headquarters. One of them located on the top floor of the imposing building of the Patagonia Flooring Design Art Center and  Mudrá Express, its new street space on Calle Paraguay in Retiro.
Following the line of sustainability, Mudrá is characterized by carrying excellent quality products from < b>small local producers, without agrochemicals, directly to your kitchen. 
Among all their options of dishes, they offer sushi uramaki-style rolls (the rice wraps the filling on the outside) in presentations of 10 pieces.

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Nare Sushi

In this restaurant, the choice of what each diner eats is in charge of the chef, Federico Jorge, who creates a tasting menu that changes day by day depending on the products from the market.

For their pieces, they use local and seasonal fishing. Everything is prepared at the moment to respect the freshness and quality of each raw material. This is how an authentic omakase experience works.

Rolls, pieces of sashimi and nigiri are delivered to customers as they are made. Diners highlight the marked Japanese imprint.

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Located on the second floor of the Mercado de los Carruajes, the project combines more than 20 years of experience in Japanese cuisine with the advice of the chef and a benchmark for Japanese cuisine in Argentina, Juan Matsuoka .

The sushi options offered are: New York Coral (salmon and avocado roll with salmon and avocado coverage); the  Philadephia Coral (salmon, avocado and Philadelphia cheese roll with salmon and avocado topping); the Tartar Roll (roll with salmon, green and ginger topped with guacamole and sweet potato chips) and finally the Tropical Coral  (shrimp breaded in panko and avocado, covered in mango with passion fruit reduction). 

It also offers other delicacies of Japanese cuisine such as Usuzukuri, Isobe Ague , Sahimis and Nigiris.

Its great differential and attractiveness is the omakase proposal. It is a traditional Japanese ritual, which proposes in steps everything that can be offered fresh of the day. The diner has the opportunity to know first-hand where the flavors, the cuts and the fish come from. 

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Buri Omakase

Omakase in Japanese means giving the chef the authority to prepare the dishes he wants with fresh, high-quality products. All diners must let themselves be carried away by the sushiman's instructions.

In addition to the fact that the diner cannot choose their dishes, as fresh and season, there is no set menu, it changes every day.

At Buri, located in Palermo Hollywood, they offer a 14-step option made from of national fish and seafood and Argentine wagyu, an exclusive type of meat of Japanese origin that is characterized by having fat in the muscle fibers and a slightly sweet taste. 

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Yafuso dry cleaning

This place is characterized by its history. For more than thirty years, as its name indicates, this place functioned as a dry cleaner, a classic occupation of the Japanese immigrants who arrived in Argentina. 

Fabián Yafuso, who had never been to the homeland of his parents, in 2018, after the numbers of the family business began to be in the red, reverted the premises and opened a sushi restaurant.
Another fact to note is that it only has space for 10 diners and everyone sits at the bar watching how the chef prepares each dish. There are no tables. 
The main dish on the menu is the sushi rolls, but you can also find other typical Japanese flavors, such as grilled fish or yakizakana, which is served with miso soup, salad and rice and Robata, a mix of squid, octopus and cuttlefish. 
Also, to accompany these s

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