What to do in Puerto Varas?

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  Tangol 05/02/2018

The first 212 German settlers that arrived in this Chilean territory called Puerto Varas. They began a custom that is still remembered today: the Yoco. This consisted of sharing with the neighbors a portion of the food that each family prepared.

Each family had the duty to deliver and the right to receive food from their close neighbors. In the year 1853, nobody knew that the kindness they taught their children would be the key to the success of the main economic activity in the region: tourism.

Puerto Varas is, located on the shores of Lake Llanquihue, between volcanoes and natural landscapes that are still virgin.

But, there is nothing better than to have a summary of the possibilities that this city offers tourists. Here, a compendium of the best of Puerto Varas.

Tour in Osorno Volcano

It is located bordering Lake Llanquihue. You have to reach the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, which is dominated by the Osorno volcano itself. On the way to its peak, tourists can appreciate magnificent views that explain the boom of tourism in the region.

The route is in the middle of beautiful coigües forests and other species of the place. At the end, there is the option of climbing on chairlifts where the visual experience increases.

Islotes de Puñuhuil

It is the only place in the world where Magellanic and Humboldt penguins coexist. In addition, this natural monument is full of species such as the gray cormorant and the Dominican gull.

To get to this wonder of wildlife, you have to go to the Isla Grande de Chiloé on a tour from Punta Arenas that ends with a surprising lunch in the city of Ancud.


Visiting the Peulla mountain village is an unforgettable excursion, especially for the characteristics of the final destination.

The walk begins with a visit to the Petrohué Falls and then continues to the Todos Los Santos Lake. There, you have to take a catamaran to start contemplating from an amazing perspective the Osorno, Calbuco, Tronador, and Puntiagudo volcanoes.


In Peulla, visitors can know the Velo de la Novia Waterfall and indulge in the delights of that mountain town.

Skiing In Osorno Volcano

The Osorno Volcano ski center is composed of 200 hectares for different sports disciplines on snow. That space becomes the great attraction of the region from June to November.

The center has two chairlifts, several special areas for different sports on snow and appropriate facilities to receive people.


The German influence is so great in Puerto Varas that their food is different from that of any other part of Chile. The most sought after by expert visitors is the kuchen (cake) since this area is famous for its the pastry.

The meat of hunting is other attraction of the gastronomy because in its preparation Chilean elements are merged with Germans.

Sport fishing

Half an hour's drive from Puerto Varas is the Petrohié River, one of the best places in South America for sports fishing. That's why hundreds of tourists from all over the world come to Puerto Varas to enjoy their favorite activity. There are fish of all kinds, these waters are so amazing that they look like postcards.

The main activity in Puerto Varas is tourism. Its inhabitants have unknowingly trained for kindness and hospitality more than 100 years ago. Today they continue demonstrating that nature and human capital can make everything possible.


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