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The current Mendoza (Argentina) was a huge desert when the first indigenous settlers decided to inhabit it. They were the Huarpes, a race of tall men with unlikely beards who mastered their primitive engineering so well that they managed to make functional ditches called "acequias" to carry water to every corner of the place to transform their soils and allow agriculture.

The Huarpes made good relationship with the Spaniards and over the centuries the latter applied their knowledge to improve their hydraulic system and the city that today we call Mendoza, capital of the Argentine province of the same name was born.

Mendoza is the Argentine capital of wine, and that factor attracts tourists from all over the world every year who now know that there are many other delights in the region: from adventures full of adrenaline to unusual natural beauties that, of course, are always better to appreciate with a glass of malbec in your hand.

The entire city of Mendoza revolves around the Plaza Independencia, from where they are opening paths of culture, commerce, fraternity, adventure and action. But it is also a very modern city, so much so that since 2005 it is known as the most technological in South America because few in the world have so many spaces for Internet access. This modernity contrasts without clashing with traditions and with a deep respect for origins and for its main export product: the wine that brightens every occasion and closes every day.

Next, a compendium of those activities that the tourists of the world must enjoy when they arrive in beautiful Mendoza.

Savor the pleasure of wine
In Mendoza, 60% of Argentine wine is produced. That's why tours abound in Mendoza to try different varieties of the region, but it also highlights the freest way to taste: enjoy the city's nightlife, which is always accompanied by music and a perfect gastronomy. The custom in Mendoza is always to start with a bar before going to bigger clubs if you want to extend the party.

Visit the Diamond Lagoon
A blue oasis amidst the brown tones of a rugged landscape. The name was given by the author of The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, in honor of the shape that the Maipó volcano acquires when it is reflected in its waters. It is a plain of 20 kilometers long by 10 wide. Crystal clear waters, schools of trout ... a vital experience to know how the Huarpes and Chinachians lived centuries ago and how nature blessed the Southern Cone forever with such beauty.

Surrender to the adrenaline of canopy
In Mendoza the Canopy is perfect, because the adrenaline rush occurs in the midst of absolute beauty so that the hearts that venture into such an amazing experience feel the shock of two sensations that are not contradictory in Mendoza.
Canopy can be done twice crossing the emblematic Mendoza River, but it is also recommended a basic modality that is ideal for beginners or people who simply prefer something more calm.

Take a walk through the magical Roads of Altamira
The Roads of Altamira are one of the great pride of the locals. The tour allows a direct contact with Argentina more agricultural, but also with the faces and fascinating stories of the inhabitants of the province of Mendoza.
Few times in life crops can be seen that way. The tour begins by visiting several farms dedicated to fruit and ends with a deep look at the heart of Mendoza wine that includes an unforgettable tasting of new wines.

Rafting on the wine route
From peace to adrenaline, from the joy of the spirit to the body ... Is there something like rafting and enjoying the best wines on the same tour? Of course!
Rafting on the wine route of Mendoza is one of the most sought after activities by tourists. It all starts with a walk through the untamed waters of the Mendoza River to taste the great wines of the region and savor a typical lunch.
Every aspect of this tour is covered and well designed. For rafting, they have all the latest equipment, the wines are an enviable selection that any sommelier in the world would dream of and lunch is a treat for the palate.

A whole day of rafting
Of course there are also athletes who prefer to separate the types of pleasures. For them there is a 10-hour walk through the waters of the Mendoza River, which in terms of rafting are type II.
This category of speed allows the experience to be enjoyed by all kinds of people, from the most extreme to the most moderate.
Before starting, tourists receive a short and very useful course that will allow them to enjoy the ride with total security and without any setbacks. In addition they will always be accompanied by a professional guide who will teach them every aspect of the activity and the river.

Get to know the Ghost Town of Paramillos
The feeling of eternity of each human being ends before the splendors that no longer exist. Paramillos was a seventeenth-century Jesuit mining town and today it is a place of ruins at 3,000 meters above sea level.
From there, the landscape fills the eyes of the infinite, because you can see the Andes mountain range and even Aconcagua itself, the highest peak in all of South America.

Visit Villavicencio
This tour allows us to know the past of the region: the places where the liberators traveled to Chile and Peru, the monuments that its wake lifted over time ... But it also puts visitors in direct contact with nature: in the Reserve Villavicencio seems that the green is about to say something ...

A tour through the city of Mendoza
Mendoza has an old and a modern part. Its architectural layout, its trees and water distribution system are no small thing. In Mendoza the desert was dominated and turned into a city thanks to the unwavering will of its first inhabitants, and this tour allows a broad understanding of all that: from the primitive ditches used by the Indians to distribute the water to the modern buildings that erected it as one of the main South American cities.

High mountain route
Here is a tour of the highest places of Mendoza, which allows you to see monumental landscapes very different from those that are being stepped on little by little. The crossing begins along the Mendoza River to see the Cordón del Plata mountains and the Potrerillos Dam, a hydraulic work that generates energy to distribute water for irrigation.
Then it goes to the pre-Hispanic settlement of Uspallata, the southernmost point of the Inca Empire and there is time to climb a chairlift to enjoy lovely panoramas.
The next stop is the Puente del Inca, where each slope ends in delicious hot springs, followed by a beautiful view of the Aconcagua mountain before ascending to the Cristo Redentor monument, at 4,200 meters above sea level.

Visit the Atuel Canyon
The fluvial erosion of the Atuel River and the wind have designed over the centuries a place that must be looked at more than once to be believed: the Atuel Canyon.
Here visitors can practice the most extreme sports or simply indulge in the delight of seeing the peculiar formations of wind and water on the rocks, among which stand out the cake of puff pastry, the belt of San Martin, the procession, the mushroom, The owl and the Submarine; all named after their appearance.

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