The Crystal Palace Is A Freedon Symbol In Petrópolis, Brazil

  Tangol 08/08/2018

The Crystal Palace is a Petrópolis attraction. It worths to visit during your stay in the city. The structure of the palace was built in France inspired by the Crystal Palace in London.  

It's iron structure was commissioned from a French foundry by Count D'Eu, and was set up in Petrópolis by engineer Eduardo Bonjean. It was inaugurated in 1884. The purpose was sheltering  traditional exhibitions of vegetables and birds of the region.  The Crystal Palace also has a historical significance since in it were released the last slaves of the city on April,1888 during a ceremony and later party that was attended by Princess Isabel.   Currently, the Crytal Palace is home to cultural events and exhibitions. 

The Crystal Palace is a beautiful structure made of iron and glass, surrounded by beautiful gardens.  It is very picturesque and well kept and it is in a beautiful park where one can rest after having toured and experienced the beautiful Petropolis.

It is really beautiful!

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