Tatio, "the weeping grandfather" geysers in Chile

Tatio, "the weeping grandfather" geysers in Chile (Destinations)

El Tatio, place name that in indigenous language Atacameña means "The weeping grandfather" is at 4,321 meters above sea level, being the geothermal field that is higher in the world. 

It is surrounded by large and beautiful hills and volcanoes that reach 5,900 meters above sea level. Also on the way to get to the Geysers, you will pass by bofedales and  great beauty towns. 

A geyser is an area of ??underground water near the volcanic magma, where you can see intermittent discharges of hot water, launched with turbulence and accompanied by steam.  The Tatio has about 80 geysers, approximately 8% of the existing ones in the world.  Water emerges at about 86 ° C, which is its boiling point at this height. 

The water columns of the Tatio Geysers reach a height of 7 meters and can be seen at their maximum expression between 06 and 09 a.m. each day, so the tours leave at 4 o'clock in the morning from San Pedro of Atacama.  

An attraction that you can not miss, is to bathe in the thermal pool of Tatio. Gather all your courage and enjoy the benefits of thermal water with tourists from around the world.

It is estimated that the place is visited by about 100,000 tourists every year. 

Source: tangol.com

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